McDonald’s is launching the new Chicken McCrispy Signature and Snickers McFlurry from 27 Jun 24

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McDonald’s is excited to announce the launch of the Chicken McCrispy® Signature, a new addition to their menu that promises a delightful crunch and juicy non-spicy chicken. Alongside this, customers can also enjoy the Crispy Chicken Burger with Smoky Sauce, the Snickers® McFlurry®, and the returning Choco Banana Pie.

Chicken McCrispy® Signature (2pc)

Chicken McCrispy® Signature (2pc) – comes with 1 thigh and 1 drumstick
(from $9.05 for an Extra Value Meal™)

The Chicken McCrispy® Signature features juicy chicken seasoned with salt and pepper and coated in a non-spicy, extra crispy batter.

Crispy Chicken Burger with Smoky Sauce

Crispy Chicken Burger with Smoky Sauce

For burger lovers, the Crispy Chicken Burger with Smoky Sauce combines crispy, juicy chicken with smoky sauce and crisp lettuce.

Share the Crispiness

Signature, Spicy or Mix?

Enjoy the Chicken McCrispy® in various options: Signature, Spicy, or a Mix box. Each 6-piece box starts from $18.95. The Spicy variant offers an extra crispy texture for spice lovers, while the Mix box caters to both spicy and non-spicy preferences.

A Sweet Duo for Dessert Lovers

Snickers® McFlurry® (from $3.60) and Choco Banana Pie (from $1.80)

Indulge in the new Snickers® McFlurry® (from $3.60) with rich caramel sauce, chocolate pieces, and crunchy peanuts, or enjoy the returning Choco Banana Pie (from $1.80) with its crispy pastry and luscious chocolate and banana filling.

These items will be available from Thursday, 27 June, after breakfast hours for dine-in or takeaway at all McDonald’s restaurants and Drive-Thrus across the island. They can also be ordered via McDelivery®, GrabFood, and Foodpanda while stocks last.

International Fried Chicken Day Celebration

Celebrate International Fried Chicken Day from 2-4 July 2024 with McDonald’s special 3-Day Chicken McCrispy® Mass Deal. Enjoy the 6-piece Chicken McCrispy® a la carte for just $10 (U.P. $18.95), available in Signature, Spicy, and Mix flavors.

Credit: McDonald’s Singapore

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