How to save up to 30% with foodpanda dine-in deals?

How to save up to 30% with foodpanda dine-in deals?

Here’s another reason why you should tap on the foodpanda app more often — foodpanda has recently launched its new dine-in feature in Singapore. With pandapro dine-in, foodpanda is making it even easier for customers to conveniently meet their food and lifestyle needs all on its app. This adds to its existing suite of services such as restaurant delivery, pandamart, foodpanda shops and pandago. Let’s find out what exciting promotions and savings are in store for foodpanda customers when they unlock the dine-in feature.

(*NEW*) Dine-in benefits on pandapro

With the launch of dine-in on pandapro, members  get to enjoy 1-for-1 offers and up to 30% discounts at over 400, participating restaurants! With such a widespread selection located all over the island, members can look forward to dining to their hearts’ content wherever they are. Here’s a glimpse of this extensive and ever-growing list of popular restaurants:

  • The Landing Point and Gin Parlour at The Fullerton Bay Hotel
  • A-One Claypot House
  • Red House Seafood
  • Gyu Nami
  • Quentin’s the Eurasian Restaurant
  • Peach Garden
  • Holey Moley Golf Club
  • PizzaExpress

Before you start jio-ing your vaccinated friends for some really good food, here’s how you can enjoy the dine-in offers on pandapro:

1. First, you have to sign up as a pandapro member. Choose from the following subscription plans:

  • Monthly subscription at $7.99/month, billed monthly
  • Half-yearly subscription at $6.99/month, billed $41.90 biannually (save 13%!)
  • Yearly subscription at $5.99/month, billed $71.90 annually (save 25%!)

Upon subscription, all benefits will be added to the customer’s account, absolutely hassle free.

2. After signing up as a pandapro member, click on “Dine-in” available on the foodpanda app homescreen

3. Click on the offer you would like to enjoy (eg: PizzaExpress)

4. Scan a QR code at the restaurant for the offer to be verified. The discount will automatically be reflected upon payment. Yup, that’s how simple it is to save on dining in.

Other perks & benefits of pandapro

Besides the latest addition of dine-in, let’s not forget the existing perks and benefits that pandapro members get to enjoy as well:

  • Unlimited free delivery at selected restaurants (min. spend $15)
  • Unlimited 20% off deals on selected restaurants (min. spend $15)
  • Unlimited 5% additional discounts on pick-up (there is currently 20% off everything on Pick-Up!)
  • 2X 10% discount vouchers on pandamart monthly (min. spend $15)

Besides gaining exclusive benefits across a wide-range of services, it is immediately evident that the amount of savings pandapro members potentially enjoy far exceed the cost of subscription. For instance, if you redeem a 1-for-1 drink at Harry’s, you would have already covered the monthly cost of subscription that starts from as low as only $5.99/month.

With dining-in now allowed as Singapore gradually eases its social restrictions, sign-up to be a pandapro member to start saving on your food (delivery, pick-up and dine-in) and groceries bills immediately!

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