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How to regain your confidence at the workplace

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Confidence can be a massive word for those with low self-esteem. “I don’t think I can do it” is probably an incredibly evocative sentence that urges your mind and body to take flight.

However, as much as we choose not to admit it, it’s impossible to run away from our fears forever. This is why it’s essential to learn how to transit from fear to confidence. Constantly worrying about not being able to do a task right can cripple one’s true abilities at work. That’s the last thing you want to do if you’re building your career!

Thankfully, not all hope is lost. Here are some things you can do to regain your confidence at the workplace.

Weigh the cons

To accurately weigh the cons of an action, you have to sit yourself down and think through the threats. Ask yourself what you consider to be the worst-case scenario.

For example, you may be keen on running for a new project at work but lack the confidence to give a presentation. You’re concerned with the reactions of people since you don’t identify yourself as a star presenter. Yes, you may stutter and have some inconsiderate colleagues laugh at you. But hey, that first step forward is commendable!

In all honesty, even if you were to get rejected for your proposal, it’s not a big deal. Take the feedback positively and wait for the next opportunity to recommend something. Always remember that no one wins in life all the time. But when you fall, learn how to stand right back up. When life throws you lemons, use them to make sweet lemonade.

Celebrate small wins
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We’re sure most of us have played e-games before. Whether on an app or website, have you realised that the first few levels are always the easiest?

This strategy used by game designers is incredibly genius because it’s their way to get you hooked on the game. First, your confidence is boosted from level one since they are absurdly easy to get past. As you get used to the game tools, they slowly get a little harder to navigate.

Using the same methodology, start with small goals that are easy to succeed. If you do not know where to start, speak with a trusted colleague or leader to set little assignments for yourself. When you succeed in those tasks, celebrate! Every small win is praiseworthy, and most importantly, they help build your confidence surely.

Confront your fears like a boss

Do you know that you can reduce anxiety by engaging in stressful activities? To get over your unease, you’ve got to confront your fears like a boss.

That is to say, if you’re afraid of teaching, put yourself in a situation where you have to teach. By doing so, ​​your motivational system will find out that there is actually nothing to fear, and your panic will subside over time.

And, of course, practice makes perfect. Not everyone is born with a natural gift of a particular talent. While some may be charismatically good at public speaking, most people have to devote hours of practice before giving a speech.

Just like how the Chinese saying goes, “台上一分钟, 台下十年功”. If you’ve prepared extensively for that one minute of glory on stage, your effort and confidence will shine through eventually.

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