How To Efficiently Declutter Your Personal And Financial Life

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The perfect time to organize your thoughts, to arrange your bills, and to declutter your home is NOW! Here are five strategies that you can start with:


We are constantly glued to our devices. I do not mean to be a bearer of bad news, but your devices are not entirely sanitary. Various researchers have found Escherichia coli bacteria, Streptococcus, and other pathogens living on mobile phones. It is important to employ measures to keep yourself healthy and to minimize medical bills.

One of the first few things that I do upon coming home from work is to cleanse my phone. I grab a couple of cotton pads and spray it with Isopropyl Alcohol. This helps me disinfect my phone as I am constantly in contact with relatively sickly children. You can adopt this habit too!


Many experts encourage the importance of flossing in one’s daily grooming routine. A floss is designed to reach between the gums and the teeth. It acts as an efficient tool to lower the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.

You do not want to go to a job interview with a flaming bad breath!


Are you getting trapped under a mountain of rubbish? Tidy your space by practicing the one-item-in and one-item-out policy. This policy works by bringing a new item in and dropping an old item out. You can either donate, sell, or throw the old item. Doing this regularly will improve both your financial and mental health.


Never forget where you put the bills or when their due dates are by designating one place for them. You read that right! You have to decide whether you are going to file all your bills in a tangible box or in a computer folder.

Some bills arrive by electronic mail while some arrive by postal mail. Printed bills must be kept in a labeled box. While for virtual storage of bills, make scanned copies of those that arrive in the mail and put them into a labeled folder in your laptop.


Create a healthy division between your work and personal life to lessen your stress. For instance, my co-worker does not respond to the client’s calls after 7 PM. You may do the same thing, if necessary. Another way to keep your mind at ease is by not checking your email before you go to sleep.

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It is inevitable to spot a message that will your mind buzzing all throughout the night. Furthermore, it may make you anxious to go to work the next day. Do you want that to happen?

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