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Cosmo Quantum: A Hands-Free Water Filling Station For Modern Homes

Do you know, as per WHO, around 4,85,000 diarrhoeal deaths are reported each year across the globe just by drinking contaminated water? Yes, these facts are alarming. Dirty water can give birth to plenty of health issues, which no one wants. But we all know how beneficial it is to keep drinking water the whole day long for a healthy lifestyle. Some people believe that half of the physical health problems get cured by drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day.

Earth is 96% water, but still, it lacks drinkable water. But the modern world has come up with plenty of inventions that make your tap water potable. Cosmo Quantum is a new-age technology that provides safe and clean water for better health.

The market has many options for you to choose from, but why put money into this particular water purifier? You have landed at the right place if you also have this question. Jump into the pool of every information you should know about making a purchase.

Why Invest In Cosmo Quantum?

A bucket filled with tap water can contain a bucketful of pollutants and bacteria. There is no hiding from the fact that water pollution increases with each passing day. Furthermore, in most households, it is the primary source of water, which is why it is pivotal to have a potential water purifier. Cosmo Quantum brings the benefits of many water dispensers in one, and here are some of them.

·         Cost-Efficient

Purchasing a pocket-friendly water purifier with all new features is what everyone seeks so that they can invest in other kitchen appliances. You can have safe drinking water at your home with this money-saving purifier.

Unlike other dispensers in the market, this one does not require any additional maintenance as it has the feature of self-cleaning. Furthermore, you will be free from paying any yearly maintenance or servicing fees.

·         Modern Design

When we hear modern technology, the first thing that comes to mind is time because this world is busy. So, what if we have appliances that help save time. You might be wondering how is this possible? Well, the fantastic features of Cosmo Quantum can help.

It saves you from boiling water when you wish to drink hot water, or it can provide you chilled water anytime. The purifier gives you the freedom to set the temperature to cold, hot, lukewarm with just a touch.

It has a sleek and glossy design with minimalistic colors that fits every interior flexibly. In addition, there are touch screen panels, which are smooth to operate and make your experience worth every penny.

·         Space Efficient

The luxurious German design of this water dispenser makes it highly suitable for compact spaces. It is one such minimalistic appliance that comes in an anywhere-to-fit structure. If your place is tight, it will easily fit and make your room look breathable. You can de-clutter your kitchen by removing kettles, water pitchers and tumblers.

·         Eco-Friendly

There are plenty of home appliances that utilize energy more than they require. But the new world is coming up with high energy-saving technologies that serve as an excellent solution to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

The Cosmo Quantum water purifier utilizes just a sufficient amount of energy to work. It automatically turns to energy-saving mode when not in use, making it an eco-friendly product.

·         Better Health And Skin

Who does not wish to have skin free from wrinkles and pimples? The answer is everybody wants! Hydration is one of the crucial factors determining your health and skin. More the hydration in your body, less the wrinkles you will face. Drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day ensures your skin has sufficient moisture, boosting your elasticity.

Clean water results in a better mood, flushing out toxins, regulating body temperature, and much more. Furthermore, this water purifier kills 99.9% bacteria making sure to uplift your health in all ways possible.

How Is Cosmo Quantum Different From Other Purifiers?

·         Tankless Instant Water

When you step out in the market to find a water purifier for your home, you will get to see two types, one with the tank and one without. The dispensers with tanks store the water in a tightly sealed container after completing its filtration.

On the other hand, tankless water purifiers are the ones that instantly filter. It provides you with potable water without wasting time. It is cleaner and safer as water is not being stored for a long time. In short, tankless water dispensers make a better option.

·         Supply Alkaline Water

In Cosmo Quantum, you get the highly preferable option of alkaline water. It is the hydration that everyone requires if they invest in a water purifier. The studies suggest that alkaline water is better for health than ordinary water. It has higher pH than regular water, making it very helpful for neutralizing acid in the bloodstream. Moreover, the studies also indicate that alkaline water slows down bone loss.

Here are some other benefits of alkaline water:

  1. Contains Anti-oxidant properties
  2. Better for teeth health
  3. Detoxifies Body
  4. Boosting exercise efficiency
  5. Improving mood
  6. Maintains good body weight

·         Filter Change Indicator

One more unique feature you enjoy in this water dispenser is an indicator for changing the filter. It alarms you to renew the filter timely for the smooth running of clean water.


The world is struggling for potable water, and Cosmo Quantum brings a perfect solution for this problem. For every household, these water dispensers encourage a bucketful of good health. The latest technology also serves as a friendly option for nature. The compact German design makes it easy to install and convenient to fit. All these features are in just one home appliance, so what are you waiting for?

Get your skates on towards Cosmo Quantum showroom or shop online at They are just a call away from providing you with the safest water to drink. Ring them, and they will get back to you within operational hours: 11:00 – 17:00.

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