4 Stand-out Hobbies You Shall Put In Your C.V. To Elevate Your Employability

You may think that the “hobbies and interests” section in your Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) is rubbish but, it is not! Often underestimated by many, a good hobbies and interests section has several benefits.

First, this section gives you the opportunity to manifest your endearing personality and characteristics. Second, it allows you to support your working experience and claimed skill set. Third, it helps you create smooth conversations with the interviewer. And lastly, it helps the interviewer decide if you are culturally fit in the company you are applying for.

With all these in mind, here are the 4 Stand-out Hobbies You Shall Put In Your C.V. To Elevate Your Employability…


If you participate in any team sports then, do not hesitate to include it in your C.V. or resume. Team sports show your capacity to work with others in the pursuit of a goal. Furthermore, it shows that you are able to commit and learn from your mistakes. These qualities are particularly desirable in industries that need interpersonal relationships and great teamwork.


An interest in writing (i.e., through making your own poetry website, writing a book, managing a blog, etc.) gives emphasis on your communication skills and creativity. These strengths are desirable in the application of editorial and public relations positions.

Aside from this, most often than not, your interviewer will be Google-ing you before your interview. And, having your own blog or website will give you an edge over others. In fact, based on personal experience, I had come to more than two interviews wherein they would compliment how interesting and how eloquent I am in my blog. From search engine optimization to social media management and language skills, having your own creative writing hobby boosts your image and offers a peek inside your beautiful mind.


You may think that putting “museum enthusiast” or “bookworm” in your C.V. is boring but, it is not! These interests allow you to showcase your thirst for knowledge and education. This quality is especially favorable if you are applying for a position as a researcher.


Wanderlust can enjoy not only the perks of travel but also the perks of employability. Having a strong desire to explore the world gives the impression that you are brave enough to step out of your comfort zone.

While traveling, you are planning your finances and budgeting your expenses. Through this, you picked up organizational skills. While traveling, you are able to befriend a person from a different culture or even learn a local phrase or two. Through this, you picked up communication skills.

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Moreover, writing that your hobbies include traveling will show that you are open to relocate. A quality that is sought after by many global companies today.

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4 Work Emails That Can Cost You Your Job

For majority of us, a significant amount of time we spent at work is placed on sending and receiving several emails throughout the day. Because we send and receive hundreds of messages a day, some end up making embarrassing or shameful mistakes that can be harmful in the profession. Yes! Some of your corporate emails may send a bad tone to the receiver. If the receiver decides to forward that said email to your boss then, you might lose your job. Prevent that from happening by knowing the 4 Work Emails That Can Cost You Your Job:


Do I even need to explain why this is inappropriate? If you are sick of your current workplace, looking for another job is one thing but admitting it through a work email is another! You might as well have an “I Hate This Place” sign on your chest!

Do not use your corporate or work email to relay this kind of message even to your most trusted colleagues. You may think that if people know you are seeking for another job then, they will do anything to keep you around. Perhaps you are expecting a raise or a promotion…but that rarely happens! Most likely, you are the first candidate in mind during layoffs.


This is not a work email that you want to circulate around unless you really feel sick and you cannot make it tomorrow. Although many people have done this before, it is not professional and it sends a message that you are tired of your job. Not only does the company pay for your MC but they also need to cover for you. If the HR gets this email, you will have some explaining to do!


Having a disclaimer like this is a sign that something shady or something highly sensitive is coming next. If someone outside of your circle reads this, you are going to be in big trouble. The truth is, nothing is ever completely deleted. Take Hillary Clinton for example, whose emails to non-government accounts were out in the public because it was maintained on the Federal government’s servers. So, if it is a sensitive matter, use your personal email or meet up your colleague and talk about it in closed doors.


We spend most of our time at work so, it comes as no surprise that parties and get-togethers happen all the time. But, this is a personal event that you must organize and send through your personal email. If anything bad happens in the party, evidence might bring down the company too. Unless it is a workplace party, organize your parties via personal Gmail invites or personal Whatsapp conversations.

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Oh one more thing! Please avoid sending drunken emails or sending a message that you got really wasted last night using a corporate email. No explanations needed!

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Prevent High Turnover Rate By Knowing 4 Common Reasons Why Singaporean Employees Quit

I do not have to throw statistics to claim that some Singaporean companies are experiencing trouble in retaining their employees. Losing money to hire a new talent over and over again seems to be inevitable because of the perceived dissatisfaction in the workplace. Last year, the aspects of work of 5,000 Singaporean employees were studied by Singapore Human Resources Institute. They found that on average, the employees were considered “Under Happy” at work.

Prevent the high turnover rate by instilling alterations in the working conditions. Often times, employees are just hungry for change. Start with these 4 issues that you can juggle on:


The competitive cost of living in the country affected the demand for faster output. In return, this can create a toxic workplace wherein employees suffer from burnout or depression. Adding a horrible boss into the mix will only worsen the situation.

Image Credits: Vocab Ninja via Flickr

Image Credits: Vocab Ninja via Flickr

In 2012, JobsCentral conducted a survey including the responses of 3,299 employees and 256 hiring managers. A whopping 31% of the respondents said that they do not have satisfying boss-worker relationship. This is because of the following reasons: lack of advancement opportunities (87.5%), lack of autonomy (80.6%), and work demands (71.1%). So, if you want your priced employee to stay, warn the boss against these poor practices.


Career growth does not only help the employee personally but also financially. An employee maybe happy at his or her current position but in need of bonuses to cover the rising costs. A limit in growth can decrease the motivation and purpose of the employee to strive for more. For some the limit is unacknowledged and it is famously called as the “glass ceiling”. Therefore, companies shall create tangible career paths.


I cannot deny the fact that salary is a common factor for an employee to draft his or her resignation. In fact, 61% of Singaporean employees felt that were underpaid and overworked compared to the existing market rates. CPF deductions and domestic expenses will be deducted to the baseline salary afterwards. This leaves no room for retirement funds or any type of savings.

Solution! Companies: make room for increments no matter how small it may seem. Individuals: do not hesitate to ask for a raise.


When we work as hard as we do, we only deserve to play hard too! According to a survey, 57% of Singaporeans said they would rather have a work-life balance over higher pay. Take notes from the CEO of I-Search Worldwide – Mr. Richard Hoon who sets aside the Friday evenings for the staff to gather and chat with complementary food and beverage. It is his way to help the employees ease into the relaxing weekends ahead.

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)


Wanna Be Self-Employed? Here’s 5 Realistic Jobs That Can Transform You Into Boss

If you give yourself an opportunity to freelance or by being your own boss, you may be able to do the things you love and get paid for it. Also, you can have the freedom to design a schedule that works for you and still be able to nurture your loving children!

Yes! Sometimes, stepping out of the cubicle to be a self-determining entrepreneur or a freelance worker gives you the opportunity to find yourself while bringing money in the bank. Nonetheless, it will give you self-benefiting outcomes. Start with these 5 jobs that take purposeful risks…


Do you love to make cupcakes, jewelry, or essence oils? Turn your hobby into your own business. Be your own boss by thinking about your skill set and hobbies then, start making an online business out of it. Popular platforms for selling or making your own online shop such as: Carousell and Tictail, are available for free. Furthermore, these platforms have a growing following of audience or customers already.


Sales representatives or brand ambassadors sell household, beauty, or health products in their own ways. Join millions of independent ambassadors of Herbalife or MaryKay worldwide by visiting their respective websites. Here are added information that you can benefit from:

a. Herbalife : website here!

b. Mary Kay: website here!


If you enjoy writing or sharing your ideas then, becoming a blogger might just be for you. There are many ways to monetize a blog such as advertising, memberships, selling books, product affiliations, becoming speakers, and so on.

A blog may lead to success with a combination of hard-work (e.g., countless hours of writing articles and editing videos), networking during events, media affiliations, luck, and building a fan base. A job as a full-time blogger can be so persistent in your life that you can be working everyday without noticing it!


In general, Financial Consultants or Financial Advisors are professionals who guide their clients to manage their money, investment options, and asset relocation. But, what they do is far more complex than that. A career as a Financial Consultant gets to enjoy the flexible working hours and the privilege to get the job incentives.

It involves a lot of paperwork, preparation, and building relationships. It can not only be challenging as they face a lot of rejection but also rewarding as they see their clients improving their monetary lifestyle. There is a job growth in this field as long as you go through continuous training with determination and openness.


Early this year, a young property agent by the name of Shirley Seng sold a penthouse in Le Nouvel Ardmore for S$51 million. With that, she gained a commission of a whopping S$1.5 million! It’s like winning the jackpot!

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Truly, the top richest people in Singapore have been involved in either the property business or the property development. But, what is a property agent exactly? A property or a real-estate agent is someone who arranges the selling, renting, and management of properties. So, be prepared to be creative in your marketing strategies and to be able to build a good network of people to aid in financial crises.

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Should I be an employee, a self-employed or an employer?

Many people aspire to be an employer as it entails freedom, independence and wealth. However, the path to entrepreneurship is hardly a bed of roses. In fact, a successful entrepreneur has to possess great fortitude and foresight in order to overcome all the uninvited obstacles coming his/her way. On the contrary, while employees generally do not enjoy as much flexibility as the company owners, they actually face significantly lower (downside) income risks. In addition, employees are often relieved of the heavy emotional and psychological burden that is tied to the complexity of overall business management.

Therefore, whether you are an employee, a self-employed or an employer, there are always pros and cons for any track you choose. At the end of the day, it boils down to what truly defines you and the resources you wield. The approach to searching for your personal identity (and supposed employment status) has thus been highly condensed into the diagram shown below.  

Click to enlarge:

employerDisclaimer: This is just for easy reference.