OCBC 360 Account Offers The Best Fixed Deposit Rates

OCBC 360 Account

This is a contribution by Alison, who blogs at Readers may be surprised that Heartland Boy is suggesting that an actual banking account, as opposed to some plain-vanilla fixed deposit schemes, offers the best fixed deposit rates in town currently. Ever since DBS launched its DBS Multiplier Programme with headline grabbing interest rates, it has forced its key competitors to react accordingly. As a result, this has spawned a new type of hybrid savings account which typically rewards account holders


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Best Cash Rebate Credit Card in Singapore for Frequent Travellers

This is a contribution by Alison, who blogs at Heartland Boy recently took a leap of faith to accept a job assignment in the chaotic streets that is Jakarta. As a recently married and henpecked husband, he agreed voluntarily to fly back to Singapore on weekends so as to spend time with his lovely wife, Ms Heartland Girl. Heartland Boy does not have the luxury of having his company fund his weekly trips home; so minimizing his airfares were