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A New Parents’ Guide to Baby Safety

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Babies are tiny, delicate, and defenceless. So, as their parents, it is up to you to make sure that they remain safe and happy at all times. Now, there is no denying that this can feel like a rather overwhelming responsibility.

The good news, though, is that there is plenty of support available to you. Since baby safety is a global priority, there has been a fair amount of research conducted on the matter. So, on this note, here are the top things that you should know:

Double Check Safety Standards

You would imagine that all baby items will have been put through strenuous testing to ensure that they are functional and safe. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are many dangerous and unsatisfactory products on the market. This is why you have to often do the research yourself.

Fortunately, this isn’t too difficult thanks to government regulatory agencies. They often test various products to let you know if they are safe to buy. Still, you should bear in mind that these agencies tend to stick with big-ticket items such as strollers and carriers. Thus, it is up to you to check on the rest of the items. You can do this by double checking safety standards and remaining up to date on any recall notices.

Practice Sleep Safety

Your baby tends to be particularly vulnerable while they are sleeping. So, you should make a special effort with their sleeping arrangements. It starts off by finding the right crib. As consumer advisory Little One Mag explains, there are several safety features to watch out for.

To begin with, the frame must be sturdy and have limited flex. Also, the foundation for the mattress must be completely flat. Furthermore, the slats should have limited space between them and be firm.

This aren’t the only guidelines to consider, though. It is just as important to select a firm mattress that has very little give. Also, keep the crib clear of toys, pillows, and blankets. It is far better to dress your baby in warm layers and then to add or remove the layers as necessary.

Always make sure that your baby sleeps on their back. If they roll over onto their side, make sure to correct their sleeping position each and every time.

Pay Attention to Toy Features

As a new parent, you are going to want to buy lots and lots of toys for your little one. Before you do, though, you will need to examine each and every feature to ensure that it is safe for your infant. First and foremost, toys should always be big. This reduces the risk of them being swallowed.

At the same time, the toys shouldn’t have any components that can be removed and swallowed. This includes plastic parts on toys as well as eyes and buttons on stuffed animals. So, always check them out before giving them to your baby. It is best to follow the age recommendations of each and every toy.

Avoid giving your baby old toys or ones that have come from unknown sources. These probably haven’t passed the necessary safety standards. As such, you can’t guarantee that they are suitable for your little one.

These are the top baby safety tips that parents should know. Once you begin to practice them, you will have greater peace of mind concerning your baby’s wellbeing.


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