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6 Korean Marts In Singapore To Shop For Authentic Products

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Watching the first episode of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha made me crave for Korean food! I know I am not the only one. While there are plenty of glorious restaurant options in town, you can create your own delicious bowl of sundubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) or ramyeon (instant noodles) at home.

Begin by getting your hands on authentic Korean ingredients and products through visiting the following Korean Marts. Most are available online too!


Nestled in the bustling Orchard area, Chorok Market sells freshly imported vegetables and branded goods from Korea. Get your favorite Lotte snacks and stock up your Soju as you visit the store. You can also purchase items online through their website. Get free delivery for orders above S$80! Order here.


Shine Korea is regarded as one of the most popular Korean marts in Singapore. With its various branches spread across the country, its best-selling items are the Samyang instant noodles. You can find its cool flavors such as Samyang Buldak Tomato Pasta and Samyang Hot Pepper Jjamppong/Jjajang. For your convenience, you may shop through their website. Orders above S$80 can reap its free delivery. Order here.

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For many Singaporeans, they visit Korean markets just to get the feel of being in Korea. They soak in the atmosphere without a shopping list on hand. If that is the experience you are looking for, you can visit the Koryo Mart. Its branches have a variety of frozen meats, kimchi, instant noodles, seaweed, soups, sauces, and marinades. These ingredients are perfect for your DIY Korean BBQ party. Koryo Mart is also available at qoo10. Order here.


Amu Mar-te has two physical outlets in AMK Djitsun Mall and in Canberra Plaza. Its Ang Mo Kio is unique as it is linked to the Korfe Bakery. In this mart, you will find ready-to-eat meals such as soybean stew, salted egg dumplings, and Korean seafood pancakes. Check out their outlets to enjoy their extraordinary daily selection of items that are under S$3! You can also purchase through their Shopee store, here.

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Lee Mart is often associated with its Korean side dishes. It offers its customers more than that! You will find other Korean products such as anchovies, kimchi, frozen food, braised lotus roots, and instant noodles.

There are currently four outlets in Singapore: Chinatown Point, Suntec City Mall, Hillion Mall, and Heartland Mall. Visit these outlets or browse their website. Get free delivery for purchases above S$70. Order here.


BlueBasket tickles the modern heart as it offers a lot of trendy items and kitchenware. From minimalist Jeju bowls to trendy food items such as Fishcake Noodle Tteokbokki and Makgeolli Brewing Kits, you can find these items here!

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New BlueBasket members can enjoy free delivery coupon without minimum spending when they purchase online. Nonetheless, orders above S$80 get free delivery. Order here.

Korea has a vast majority of grocery store chains where you can do most of your shopping. From convenience stores to marts, these stores sell a variety of food and household items. Since we cannot easily travel to Korea to purchase what we need, you can stop by these abovementioned marts to get your authentic Korean cuisine experience!

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