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4 Airline Tips To Live Your Best Travel Life

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Maximize your money while traveling by following these four airline tips the next time you book a flight!


It’s always a blessing to acquire your favorite perfumes or purses without having to think about the tax attached to it. Try heading to the airport’s duty-free store to enjoy purchasing items without tax. Do this if you want to dispose your leftover foreign currency when traveling internationally.

Without a doubt, prices for certain goods vary by country and airport. This is why you must maximize your savings by doing a price comparison thru the Duty-Free Addict site!


Many Singaporeans are not aware of the possibility of qualifying for compensation when experiencing flight delay. You read that right! There are certain situations that enable you to get some cash or other benefits. While weather delays or air traffic control issues will not get you any compensation, losing your luggage can get you some cash from the airline company.

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An app called AirHelp can track flight delays and uncover ways to get you compensation. It proclaims to give about US$700 to help both domestic and international passengers.


When it comes to maximizing your dollar, it pays to shop around. The advancement of technology led to the development of helpful travel apps like Hipmunk.

Hipmunk compares deals on flights, hotels, and cars from several travel websites and airline companies. It gives you all the necessary information to get you started on your journey.


Before you embark on your relaxing holiday, take a few minutes to read the fine print attached on your airline ticket or vehicle rental contract. You will be glad you read any contract the travel industry lays out in front of you. For instance, an airline may not require to keep its flight schedule and you are still expected to check in on time. Read all the important details such as cancellation and refund policies.

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In most times, you are left with the “adhesion contract” whereby you cannot travel without clicking the “accept” button. Take it or leave it!

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