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10 Challenges of Modern Dating Faced By Singles in Singapore Today

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If you don’t know the risks and unspoken rules, the Singapore dating scene can be incredibly frustrating. One minute, you think you may have found a partner you can be in a long-term relationship with, and the next, you discover that your date doesn’t really live up to your expectations.

Below are just some of the most common challenges singles in Singapore face when they dip their toes into the dating pool.

1.) Love Scams

Love scams are nothing new. Unfortunately, modern technology has given scammers an easy way to increase their chances of snagging unsuspecting victims. As awful as it sounds, Singaporean singles are often easy prey, thanks to a cultural backdrop that makes many of them less suspicious of other people.

In one of the more common crimes to actually happen in Singapore, local singles are groomed over social media and dodgy dating apps, setting them up for a classic investment scam once they have fallen into the perpetrator’s emotional thrall. Keeping a healthy level of scepticism and choosing vetted dates through trusted dating apps and matchmaking services will make singles far less vulnerable to these criminals. If you yourself are ready to play the field but don’t want to expose yourself to unnecessary risks, make sure you use a reliable dating service and dating app Singapore singles trust.

2.) Interacting in Clubs

Not everyone likes clubs, but a lot of singles who don’t like them still feel pressured to go because they’re where everyone else goes on a date. Thankfully, Singaporeans do have a lot of alternative options for dates that go beyond clubs and the classic dinner and a movie.

If you hate clubs, be sure to talk things over with your potential date. Choosing a trustworthy app that’s also a complete dating service will also help you avoid the kinds of date venues and situations that you dread.

3.) Ghosting

There are many competing theories as to why ghosting has become extremely common in the Singapore dating scene. As inevitable as it is, this kind of avoidant behaviour is especially annoying when you’ve been strung along and need a serious emotional connection. Again, using a trusted dating app or matchmaker can reduce the odds that you’ll waste time on someone who’ll just take you for a ride.

4.) Busy Lifestyles

A lot of locals simply do not have the time to go dating. Singaporeans are quite often stuck at work leaving them little time for themselves, let alone other people. This makes it difficult for many to commit to dates and other personal activities.

There are no easy answers that will solve this issue for everyone. However, refining your strategy for a work-life balance may help you gain the few hours a week you’ll need to start playing the field. You could also choose a dating app that’s especially designed for busy local lifestyles.

5.) Cat and Mouse Games

Some people on the dating scene enjoy the rush of having someone hang on to their every word. These folks are not necessarily narcissists. With little time to spend outside of work, stringing people along can be appealing for some overworked or emotionally troubled individuals as a way to feel good about themselves.

In any case, using a better dating app that caters to more serious singles can help you avoid having to play these games. In particular, make sure to choose one that offers a professional matchmaking service to take away the hassle of finding a serious match.

6.) Untrustworthy Dating App Profiles

With some kind of a barrier to verifying identities, it’s impossible to ensure that you won’t get catfished or played for a fool on most dating apps. If you’re going to use less exclusive apps, you’ll have to develop a realistic appreciation of the kinds of risks you face.

7.) Materialistic Attitudes

Generally speaking, many Singaporeans have a materialistic streak. This is not always a bad thing, as material culture has been instrumental in much of the country’s success.

However, it’s often a problem when singles are looking for financial stability rather than emotional connections. If you’re not rich, you will be far more disadvantaged in the local dating scene than you would otherwise be in other cultures, particularly if you are male. This is generally true of most cultures, but is often at a different level in Singapore.

8.) Too Many Bad Matches to Sort Through

Dating app fatigue is a real phenomenon. Women, especially, tend to have more potential matches on dating apps than they can give time to. This can make the dating experience more frustrating and anxiety-inducing than it would be, otherwise.

You can minimise the odds of dating app fatigue by choosing a more exclusive dating or matchmaking app. While you’ll probably get fewer hits, you will generally have better-quality interactions, making the dating experience as fun as it is convenient.

9.) Cultural Issues

As modern as Singapore is, many of the shared values locals hold are quite ancient. Overt emotional assertiveness is not something local singles can or should expect from the usual dating experience. Also, many Singaporeans avoid dating people from different cultural backgrounds despite generally being OK to work with or do business with anyone. These cultural issues add another layer of complexity to the usual SG dating experience.

Again, using a better app or going with a trusted matchmaker will help you avoid these thorny issues. Going this route will essentially let you “presort” your dates, avoiding awkwardness and saving everyone loads of time.

10.) Commitment Issues

This is not a problem unique to Singapore. Rather, this is a common feature of dating in many modern cultures. In the old days, most people had little choice in who they married, let alone dated. These days, we’re all presented with a multitude of choices, and most singles would probably be equally happy with many of them.

To avoid being in the wrong, make sure that you communicate your intentions with your dates as openly as possible. Be honest with yourself about what you need so you don’t let things go on for longer than they should.

Dating can be a fun experience at any age, even in Singapore. So long as you understand the risks, dating in Singapore can be one of the most fun and interesting experiences you’ll ever have. To bring down these risks even further, make sure you use a properly localised dating app that’s designed for the Singaporean dating scene.

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