The 10 Best Places to Retire In The World

Best Places To Retire

It would be no surprise if you have come to this article looking for the best places to retire overseas. After spending decades of your life slogging in Singapore, you feel it is now time to venture out and get some fresh air. It might seems appealing to you to spend the next half of your life in a place where you get the best healthcare and quality of life  – in addition to your mansion that is overlooking the horizon by the


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5 Fun Family Activities in Singapore under $10

Who says that no family activity in Singapore is cheap? Think again! In fact, some of them are FREE! From free shows to art appreciation, here are 5 Family Activities (under $10) that you will surely enjoy. 1. STARGAZING Be amazed by the stars and constellations you will see in the Omni Theatre at the Singapore Science Centre. Gaze over the vast universe from 7:50 to 10 pm every Fridays through a series of telescopes. Best of all? It’s FREE. 2.



Watch Out for these 6 Grocery Store Tricks!

Have you ever experienced going into the grocery with a shopping list in mind, and ended up buying more? Maybe it is because you shopped hungry, or just because of the grocery’s marketing strategies. Some grocery stores have subtle, psychological, and clever tricks to make their consumers buy more. Thankfully, I’ve uncovered 6 Grocery Tricks that will help you save more on your shopping bill. 1. VISUAL ELEMENT: SHOPPING CARTS Upon entering the grocery, you’ll notice the shopping carts. An



Why 3 Bank Accounts Are Better Than 1

Singapore Bank ATMs

When it comes to saving, most consumers prefer simplicity as the best approach – that is to put their money in the bank account that offers the best interest rate. However, if you want to save money fast, it is best to have more than one bank account. No, you don’t get three times more interest, you are just separating your needs and your wants and to stay on track with your budgeting plan. 1. Die-die-must-spend account (The Needs) Unfortunately, i


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7 Ways To Stay Fit For Cheap

Do you want to stay fit, but get turned off by expensive gym packages and memberships? We feel you. Keeping your body and mind healthy doesn’t have to make your wallet suffer. Here’s 10 ways you can stay fit without breaking the bank. Run This might seem like a rather obvious no-brainer, but many of us forget to even consider it. All you need are some ratty old running shoes, and yourself! Just head out the door, lace them on,