This durian stall offers Mao Shan Wang/Black Gold durians at insanely cheap price

Get your MSW/Black Gold durians here

If you are a big fan of durians, try ordering your durians from Kingdom Fruits. You can expect to get premium quality durians at affordable price with their daily promotion.

Imagine paying just $128 for

  • 12kg of Black Gold/Mao Shan Wang durians +
  • 3kg of D24

(That works out to be around $10 per kg for Black Gold/MSW durians without taking into account of the D24 durians.)

Orders above $100 comes with free delivery.

They will announce different promotion each day depending on the supply.

For example, they have a promotion on 1 August offering 10kg of Black Gold/MSW + 2kg XO for only $108.

To order, simply WhatsApp/Call them at 9127 8684.

Check out their current promotion on their Facebook page here.



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