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Everything You Need To Know About: Value For Money

When you hear the phrase “value for money”, what is the first thought that pops to your mind? Most people would say that it involves cost-effectiveness. Its definition goes beyond that. Value for money is a utility derived from every purchase or every sum of money spent. It is based on the minimum purchase price and the maximum effectiveness of the purchase. Simply put, value for money should have four different dimensions. These four dimensions are: economic, efficient, effective, and



Should You Buy Things Based On Their Values Or Prices?

In this day and age, how much are you willing to pay for a Smartphone? Are you willing to spare a couple of hundreds or thousands of dollars? Would you rather purchase the Samsung J1 for S$168 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for S$1168? For most of us, price by itself is not only the crucial factor that determines our purchase because we compare all the products that the market has to offer. In this case, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has


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4 Brilliant Ways To Worry Less About Money

They say nothing lasts forever but, our relationship with money is so pervasive that it feels like forever. The mechanisms that keep our lives in tact are almost always surrounding money. In his book entitled: “How To Worry Less About Money”, British writer and philosopher John Armstrong shared many ideas on how to look at money in a different light in order to lead a better life. He understands how deep our relationship with money is which is why he