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3 Delicious Valentine’s Day Dining Places Under S$50

They say that a quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you desire to impress your loved one without breaking the bank then brace yourself as I lay out the 3 Delicious Valentine’s Day Dining Places in Singapore That Are Under S$50… 1. SAVEUR Who would have thought that affordable yet scrumptious French cuisine exists in Singapore? Young chefs named Joshua and Dylan paved way for casual dining that serves renowned French dishes at reasonable prices. Your


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5 Affordable Hotels for Valentine’s Day

As January draws nearer to a close, this marks the beginning of a new season – the season of love! For the less imaginative soul, February may just be yet another arduous month to get through. But for the romantics out there, February bears so much promise of new beginnings, whimsicalities, and yes, you guessed it – Valentine’s Day! Indeed, staycations are the latest trend in town for couples. In fact, they’re so commonplace these days that every month or so