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What’s The Hype About Jewel Changi Airport?

Scheduled to open this month is the latest Jewel of Singapore – the Jewel Changi Airport. This multi-purpose development includes a hotel, aviation facilities, retail stores, dining facilities, and various attractions. A complex that houses all these facilities must be massive! The complex covers a total gross floor area of 134,000 meters, which spans about 10 stories. I am most excited about the key attractions including the world’s largest indoor waterfall and the five-story indoor garden. Let us start with


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Delicious And Affordable Dishes From Themed Eateries In Singapore

Did you know edible helium balloons ever existed in Singapore? Well, it does! It exists along with other unique dishes offered at themed restaurants and cafes. Themed eateries usually go above and beyond the average dining experience. If you are looking for something that steps outside of the box, keep your self entertained at these four establishments: THE FIRST OF ITS KIND In most situations, we bring more importance to the first and recent thing that we encountered. This is



Affordable And Quality 24-Hour Laundromats In Singapore

If you are a avid-fan of FRIENDS, you would remember the first time Rachel and Ross kissed. It was in a simple self-service laundry shop wherein customers put their clothes inside the machines. The machines would wash their clothes once they filled its slot with coins. In the most parts of the world, this self-service laundry shop is called laundromats while in United Kingdom, they call it launderettes. When this technology graced Singapore, people welcomed it with open arms. Laundromats