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Suntory’s CNY Roadshows: A Chance to Win BRAND’S® and Ribena Freebies and Lunar Series Gold Bar & Coins!

  Exclusive Roadshows from 31 December to 15 January 2023 It’s time to bid goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023 with open arms. You don’t want to miss out on the best deals from Suntory’s exclusive roadshows to ring in the new year: That’s because you can get lots of exclusive activities in the roadshows, see you there! Spread this good news to your family members and friends. BRAND’S® Everyone needs energy and a positive attitude to complete spring cleaning



Stand a Chance to Win Ribena & BRAND’S ® Giveaways, Grocery Vouchers, and other Exciting Prizes with Suntory’s Roadshow Exclusive!

ROADSHOW EXCLUSIVE FROM 15-23 JANUARY 2022 Gather your friends and loved ones to mark your calendars! This January, Suntory chimes in the festive spirit with irresistible giveaways and great deals. Suntory is giving away tons of Chinese New Year goodies and other prizes at their Roadshow Exclusive from 15th to 23rd January. Get into the new year mood by checking out the schedule below. The Roadshow will feature premium products from brands such as Ribena and BRAND’S ®! BRAND’S ®



Here’s a drink that might just lift your spirits

Late for work? Stuck in a boring meeting? WI-FI is not working in your favour? Stuck in a rut? We all get those days from time to time. It’s easy to kick up a fuss over a foul mood, or worse, vent it out on the people around us. What if there was a quick fix that allows you to take a step back and feel renewed? Well, you are in for a treat! Suntory is launching a new beverage