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Here’s how much you may get when you sell your old iPhone to pay for the iPhone X

Singaporeans looking to support their iPhone habit would do well to heed Apple’s release schedule SINGAPORE, MONDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 2017 – Now that the iPhone X is straying perilously close to costing an actual kidney, trading in your old iPhone to help defray the cost of a new one is a more popular option than ever. But because the market has a tendency to push prices down when there are more people looking to sell their old iPhones (a well-observed



Receive $30 worth of NTUC or GV Movie Vouchers When You Apply For These Air Miles Credit Cards (Till 31 Jul 16)

There’s nothing better than traveling for free and getting your air tickets paid for. Imagine yourself receiving a statement that shows that you have earned enough miles points that can be used to exchange for a pair of tickets to a destination of your choice. Many of us have been taking advantage of air miles credit cards, and if used responsibly, can actually leads to cost-savings and benefits. has round up some of these airmiles credit cards to help make


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12 Things You Can Do in Singapore for Under S$50

zovb singapore

Singapore is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. For outsiders, Singapore can come off as an exotic gateway to Asia. However, for all of us who live here, we feel crippled by the rising costs of daily lives, let alone spending on entertainment. We felt your pain, did some research and came up with the perfect list. Here are twelve fun ways to blow off steam… all for under S$50. Bring out Your Inner


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Women in Singapore Struggle with Personal Finance, According to S&P’s Financial Literacy Survey

In Standard & Poor’s recent Global Financial Literacy Survey, it was found that a lot less women in Singapore know their way around personal finance than men. 67 per cent of men surveyed hit the threshold for being financially literate while only 52 per cent of women did so. This difference is one of the largest in the world. While women make up the majority of university graduates, they still fall behind in financial literacy in 128 out of 143