How To Efficiently Evaluate Your Boss

It is not uncommon for a boss to continually evaluate your output and etiquette. While this happens, you are also evaluating him or her. Your mind automatically makes assumptions and perceptions about a person, even if you do not realize it.

To aid in the smooth stream of operations between the employees and the employers, transparency is needed. Evaluate your boss efficiently by following these tips.


Keeping the lines open between the employer and the employee can help address and prevent issues. Observe how your boss communicates with you. Does he motivate you when you perform or does he constantly criticize your work? He must be able to filter personal issues and constructive criticisms.

Feedback is essential in brewing a good relationship. Furthermore, the boss must be able to deal with the mistakes in a calmly and efficient manner.


When I was given a leadership position, I thought that micromanaging my staff will help lift their loads. To cut it short, I was wrong. A good boss does not dictate every step of the way. He trusts the capabilities of his employees and does not take credit for the work that they have done. However, he is willing to share the responsibility when things go wrong.

Management skills are showcased through your boss’ ability to discipline unpleasant behavior and through giving proper guidance to those who need it. Your boss must understand the requirements of each job title and maintain order in the workplace.


Interpersonal skills refers to your boss’ ability to interact with you as an employee. Does your boss care about you and the company’s expectations? Does he recognize your achievements and contributions to the team?

A good boss must be able to encourage you and your co-workers to meet the same goal. He must be able to clearly communicate the expectations, which are in line with the company.

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When evaluating your boss, ensure that you incorporate both positive feedback and constructive criticisms. Confidentiality is highly encourage to enable you to have honest reviews.

Lastly, put yourself in his shoes! Consider how you want your boss to conduct performance reviews and give the same courtesy to your boss.

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