Break The Ice With These Money Magic Tricks

To get through the awkward initial phase of a party or a conversation, the ice must be broken!

There are many ways to liven up a party such as playing trivia game, eating appetizers, or asking hilarious questions. How about performing magic tricks? Well, consider using coins to awe the crowd with the following money magic tricks!


You will be needing metal rings, coins, papers, and playing cards for this magic trick. Start by showing a ring, a playing card, and a coin. These items should be placed on the piece of paper. Then, the ring and playing card will be stacked on the top of the coin. When the ring and card are removed, the coin will completely disappear!

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How was it done? The secret to this easy trick is to have an extra sheet of the same paper. Use it to cut a circle following the diameter of the second ring. Then, attach it to the bottom of the second “gimmick” ring. The spectators will believe the coin vanished in thin air. Get the full steps at The Spruce Crafts.


Although you have a tight budget, it does not matter! You can put on a show with just a cloth and a coin.

Perform a coin vanishing trick anytime and anywhere with the “Magic Cloth”. Simply insert a coin into a piece of cloth or a dramatic red handkerchief. Say your seemingly magical words! In a blink of an eye, the coin will mysteriously disappear.

How can this happen? Well, the coin will be kept in a tiny pocket formed using a rubber band. Full details are here:


The last trick is so easy that it can be performed by your blindfolded kid. Have a spectator randomly select a coin from a bowl. Ask this person to write his or her initials on it. Afterwards, command the spectator to whisper something to it for added effect. Let him or her place the coin inside the bowl.

Without looking, you can immediately reach into the bowl and select the marked coin. The secret to this trick is finding a coin with a different texture (i.e., rough or smooth, wet or dry).

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When all else fails, you can purchase a tool to help you fool the audience with your money tricks. Begin your search in Amazon! 🙂