IUIGA selling mini mask fan for S$29.90 so you can keep cool when you wear a mask

Get an “air-con” inside your mask IUIGA has launched an attachable fan for face masks that greatly improves ventilation and cooldown your face in our hot and humid climate. The Mini Mask Fan is said to make breathing easier by exhausting excess carbon dioxide buildup and moisture while keeping you cool. To use, simply clip onto any side of your mask and ensure that the fan is placed under it. It aslo comes with two wind speeds so you can adjust



IUIGA selling Portable Inkject Printer for $129.90

The Portable Inkjet Printer enables you to print a tattoo on skin, a logo on cloth and a label on any book or paper. Its compact size makes it ideal to fit into a pocket or handbag and travel anywhere you go. Now available at S$129.90 on IUIGA (Other retailers at: S$299.00) Portable Inkjet Printer from IUIGA on Vimeo. IUIGA selling Portable Inkject Printer for $129.90 was last modified: January 21st, 2021 by MoneyDigest