Hello Kitty products a true Hello Kitty fan would want to have

Hello Kitty Products

How does one identify himself or herself as a Hello Kitty fan? Is it by joining the crazy queues when a Hello Kitty product is launched? Or is it by the number of Hello Kitty products you own? Either way, we think a fan’s reaction to a Hello Kitty product should go something like, “Wow!” or “OMGGG!” And we’re here to help you fulfil that. Here are some Hello Kitty products we think a true Hello Kitty fan would want



McDonald’s: SG50 Hello Kitty is Back in Singapore (From 20 July 2015)

Hello Kitty Collectibles

Step aside Stuart, Kevin & Bob. If you haven’t heard the news, the star character from Sanrio is making a debut again. In a press statement, McDonald’s has announced that Hello Kitty Collectibles will be on sale starting July 20, at McDonald’s Online Store, You can also buy them off from McDonald’s stores from July 27, which costs $5 with every purchase of Extra Value Meal. It will comes in 6 different designs, as part of of the celebration