How To Spot Fake Rich People In Singapore

Trying to spot whether a person is fake rich or not is much like asking whether a bag came from a real designer or not. You can never fully answer the question unless you take a close look at it. It is challenging to judge whether someone is an average Singaporean or a wealthy one because there are many fake rich people that can look as realistic as the authentic ones. On that note, here are four tips to help


Career and Enterprising

7 Famous People Who Still Earn Millions Beyond The Grave

They may no longer be breathing in this world but they probably earn more in one year than most of us will in our entire lives! These numbers, accumulated by Forbes, show the top earning dead celebrities in 2015… 7. JOHN LENNON Yoko Ono’s soulmate that is better known as the singer-songwriter of the Beatles – John Lennon takes the 7th spot. With a whopping total of US$12 million (S$16.9 million) in 2015, this iconic musician continues to share the