Getting the best taste: How reducing the usage of seasonings can help

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Seasoning your food is a great way to add flavor and make it more enjoyable to eat.

However, if you’re using too much salt, sugar, or spices, you might be masking the natural flavors of the ingredients you’re using.

If you’re looking to reduce the reliance on seasonings, there are a few things you can do. Let’s discuss some tips for reducing the seasonings you use in your cooking so that you can get the best taste from your food.

The over-reliance on seasonings

It’s no secret that a lot of us rely on seasonings to make our food taste good.

But what if there was a way to get the best taste from our food without using as many seasonings?

Believe it or not, there is. And it starts with cooking your food in the right way. It also all comes down to experimentation. You won’t know what works until you try it, so don’t be afraid to mix things up in the kitchen.

How this affects the taste of your food
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When you use a lot of seasonings, it’s easy to overpower the natural flavors of your food.

And what this means is that you’re not getting the best taste from what you’ve cooked. But there are ways to get around this.

By reducing your usage of seasonings, you will start to taste more intensely. And once you start to develop a taste for the natural flavors, you will be able to cook without any seasoning at all and still relish it.

It might take some time to get used to it, but we promise that it’s worth it. Seasoning your food is a wonderful way to add flavor, but it also hides the true flavors of what you’re cooking. So take a step back and see how you can reduce your reliance on seasonings.

How to make your food more flavorful without using as much seasonings

How to make your food more flavorful without using as much seasonings? It’s simpler than you think.

First, start by choosing better-quality ingredients. If you’re using subpar produce or meats, no amount of seasoning is going to make them taste great. So splurge a little and go for the good stuff.

Then, experiment with different cooking techniques. Roasting, grilling, and baking can add flavor that you just can’t get from plain old frying or boiling.

Seasonings add flavor to your food, but sometimes we can rely on them too much. By learning how to reduce the seasonings we use, we can get the best taste from our ingredients. There are various techniques you can use: start by reducing the amount you put on each dish. If you’re using dried herbs and spices, make sure to crush them or grind them before adding them to the food. And lastly, taste your food as you cook it to see if it really needs more seasoning. With a little practice, you should be able to create delicious, delectable dishes without relying on seasonings as much. Enjoy healthier creations starting today!


Tried and Tested Home Saving Tips Taught By Moms

The legendary Stevie Wonder once said:

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.”

The great things we learn from our mothers are more than just tips – they are well-kept traditions, family secrets, and wonderful memories that we must treasure.

That said, here are 6 Tried and Tested Home Saving Tips As Told By Moms…

In cleaning:


I still remember the days when my cousins and I would slide through the slippery floor that we splashed with baby powder. Hit LIKE if you have done this fun activity too.

It brought us countless minutes of happiness but the mess scattered through the floor and furniture was the enemy our mothers had to face. Fortunately, you can save several bucks on furniture dusters by using your clean old socks. Simply slip a piece in your hand, spray the cleaning solution, and start cleaning!


Using DIY natural cleaning products will not only reduce the risks of toxins and environmental damage but also save you piles of cash. Make your own glass solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of dish soap, half cup of white vinegar, and 3 cups of distilled water in a bottle. Then, spray it directly to the windows and mirrors.

You can also use the mom-approved “microfiber cloth” to clean practically anything from rugs to glass, granite to stainless steel. Just damp it with water and you are ready to go! This magical cloth costs about S$15 you can get it for only S$5 at Qoo10.

In cooking:


One of the best cooking tips you can get from the mothers online is to sprinkle some salt to boiling water. “Why?” you may ask. Salt is a great and inexpensive way to add flavour to the broccoli, pasta, or anything you are boiling.


Another way to add a wonderfully strong flavor is to cook with bacon fats. After frying the strips of bacon, you can save its fats for later. After which, use it to saute your roasted potatoes or vegetables.

In grocery shopping:


As much as possible, buy the store’s brand products for home items such as rice, sponge, bleach, and sugar. And if a better deal comes along, check the price tag and compare it with the in-house label. Doing the maths can go a long way!


Instead of going with the flow, make a list of the items you need for the week and stick with it. This is an age-old trick used by my late grandmother. She plans the weekly menu first and sets a budget accordingly. If there is excess cash, we can buy the stuff we want such as ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

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