Neighbor Disputes: 5 Ways To Peacefully Manage Them

As I moved to three places in three years, I have had my share of difficult neighbors. You may love your home but getting stuck with awful neighbors can have you thinking of moving out. Here are some tips on dealing with rude, nosy, or difficult neighbors without causing too much drama. #1: KNOW THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF NEIGHBORS From nosy neighbors to dangerous neighbors, there are diverse types of neighbors that you need to watch out for. Red flags


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How To Deal With 3 Divorce-Inducing Money Issues

In the hustle and bustle of the city life, Singaporeans are exposed to the high economic pressures. What makes this concrete jungle thrive? Money, of course. Putting matrimony into the mix makes things more complicated. Managing money is a complex task fraught with emotion. It is natural that conflicts can arise from time to time. To keep your marriage and finances in tact, open communication and teamwork are essential. If only more couples are having regular conversations about money issues