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Pikachu EZ-Charm Wearables are launching exclusively on Shopee!

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Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? Well, now’s your chance to claim your rightful place. Shopee is partnering with EZ-Link to launch the perfect accessory for all Pokémon lovers — Pikachu EZ-Charm Wearables.

Ready to catch ’em all? EZ-Link will launch three Pikachu EZ-Charm Wearable designs exclusively on Shopee at 9am on 10 January, details below. Mark your calendars because we’re expecting these adorable wearables to sell out quickly!

Products will launch at 9am on 10 January at $19.90 each. Get them here.

Pikachu EZ-Charm Wearable (Design 1)

Pikachu EZ-Charm Wearable (Design 2)

Pikachu EZ-Charm Wearable (Design 3)

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