How To Redecorate Your Flat To Look More Expensive

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A significant chapter of my life recently closed as we bid farewell to our childhood home. You read that right! My family bought a new pad in the same town. The first few phases of our move are the most exciting ones. Starting from scratch, we have the ability to make our home feel like a serene haven. We are purposefully displaying pieces that evoke strong memories for us.

Whether you are crossing through the same transition or are planning to redecorate your flat, one thing that can restrict us is our budget. Do not give up on your Pinterest dreams just yet! You can still create a luxurious looking flat by playing with textures and by adding essential elements. Here are some useful tips:


If there is one thing that I learned from my obsession with home makeover shows, it is that you can transform a blank frame into an effortless artwork. You may purchase inexpensive frames at IKEA Singapore (e.g., 3-piece RIBBA for S$11.90). Craft your masterpiece by framing artificial flowers, by making wire art, or by taking black and white photographs. Add accents to a plain frame by painting the sides gold.


Nothing shouts luxury more than sparkling crystals. A chandelier is inessential and expensive so, opt for a collection of crystal pieces. This type of decor is helpful for smaller spaces as the transparency adds dimension. Furthermore, the reflective quality of fine crystals interplay with the flow of natural light. Grab an affordable crystal fruit bowl at Lazada Singapore. Or, you may bargain hunt at the nearby Cash Converter.


There is truth to the statement: “less is more”. While some may think that adding more decorations or ornaments to a room can boost its perceived value, that is not usually the case. An overaccessorized room can appear messy and overwhelming. Consider decluttering your space by only retaining the pieces that have sentimental value to you.


If your preference may lean towards elegant European furniture and your wallet screams classic IKEA, opt for luxurious-looking finishes and upholstery. I am referring to metallic furniture and accessories. Experiment with gold (or rose gold) and copper pieces. For instance, IKEA sells a gold-colored lamp for S$9.90 and a gold-colored bowl for S$25.90.


Popular feeds in Instagram are filled with pleasing layouts that feature well-edited layers of objects. You can apply the same idea to your home by creating vignettes on your vanity or your coffee table. Vignettes are groups of various objects that tell a story. A matchbox may seem like rubbish, but it shines when you pair it with seashells and other souvenir items from your travels. Your guests will surely notice the textiles and fascinating pieces on your furniture. Be ready to share your stories!

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