Get a Free Walch Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser worth $49.90

The importance of hand washing can never be overemphasised, especially as we continue to fight Covid-19. Keeping your hands clean with soap and water is the simplest, most effective way to stop bacteria, germs and viruses from spreading and making yourself or other people sick.

While you can wash your hands with any soap, automatic hand wash dispenser minimises contact even more and makes hand washing even more hygienic and convenient.

Nurturing Mummies is giving away Free Walch Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser for 10,000 households for a limited period. The device dispenses foaming antibacterial soap in just 0.25 seconds with adjustable dispensing volume. So not only it’s contactless, but you can also avoid wasting soap by dispensing too much.

Click here to redeem now. To ensure everyone’s health and safety, a staff member will contact you upon registration to arrange collection.

There are limited stocks available, so go get it while there’s still a chance!

Keep your hands clean. Stay healthy.

Photo source: HealthHub

Make sure you follow the proper hand washing steps to effectively keep the germs at bay whenever you handle food, eat meals, leave the toilet, sneeze or cough or any other activities that involve your hands to come in contact with common surfaces or other people.

Click here to redeem now.

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