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Captain America LED EZ-Link charm that lights up with each tap now available for S$26.90

Lights up on each tap

If Captain American is your favourite Marvel superhero, this is a collectible you want to own. EZ-Link has just released a new Captain American LED EZ-Link Charm that has all the functionalities of an Ez-Link Card that lets you commute on buses and trains. What makes it special is that it lights on on each time you tap on the machine. Definitely a head-turner if you ask us.

You can purchase it at any Challenger store for S$26.90 each with no load value. Each customer is limited to 5 charms.

Check out how it looks like below:

A Faceboook user posted his loot as soon as it was available in store:

Image via John Goh, Facebook

Click here to locate the nearest Challenger store.

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