7-Eleven S’pore selling Pepsi Mango at $2.30 a bottle

7-Eleven S'pore selling Pepsi Mango at $2.30 a bottle

Pepsi Mango is now available at 7-Eleven Singapore stores. For $2.30 a bottle, adventurous consumers can try the new and exciting tropical fruit flavour. The drink is labelled as sugar free and contains no calorie.

Pepsi described the the cola as:

The bright citrus and rich caramel notes of an ice-cold Pepsi create the perfect cola base for the ripe, juicy flavors that make mango so irresistible.

According to an online review, Pepsi Mango doesn’t taste like Cola. It’s smooth, refreshing and tastes like flavoured iced tea.

You can start finding them at 7-Eleven stores.

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