4 confinement wines under $28.90 as thoughtful gifts for new mummies

Confinement Wines Image Credits: wricewine.com | yetraditions.com

As a new mother begins her journey of motherhood, why not surprise her with a thoughtful gift that’s nourishing to her body?

In this post, we will reveal our selection of confinement wines priced under $28.90, ready to pamper the new mummies you know in your life.

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W Rice Wine: Premium Traditional Rice Wine

Premium Traditional Rice Wine

Price: 19.90

First up, we have this premium rice wine that has been handcrafted in Singapore using an heirloom recipe passed down for over three generations since 1931.

Aged in clay barrels, this all-natural rice wine is made with only sweet rice, natural yeast, and purified water, without any added sugar or preservatives.

Here’s what you get: an aromatic and smooth rice wine.

Sip this gluten-free rice wine on its own or add it to steamed and braised dishes for added flavor.

Every bottle is a celebration of time-honored traditions and techniques that have been perfected over the years.

Ye Traditions: Red Rice Wine

Red Rice Wine

Price: $23.80

Next, we have this traditional red rice wine from Ye Traditions, which uses a recipe also passed down from three generations.

The small-batch production incorporates only the finest ingredients sourced from Singapore, including premium mineral water, wine cakes, glutinous rice, and red yeast rice.

The unique fermentation process creates a natural sweetness and tartness without any added salt or sugar, making it a healthier option.

The red yeast rice, which imparts the beautiful reddish hue, is valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its cholesterol-lowering benefits.

Best enjoyed as a component of Hong Zao Chicken Soup, this distinctive red rice wine offers our new mummies a taste of heritage.

BC Rice Wine: Yellow Rice Wine

Yellow Rice Wine

Price: $28.50

This yellow rice wine has also been crafted using a family recipe passed down for generations but hails from Sarawak, Sibu, and Miri.

The white koji yeast is fermented to produce a sweet, mild-bodied rice wine with a pleasant aroma.

Ideal for enriching confinement nourishing dishes or adding flavor to seafood, meat, and poultry, this preservative-free rice wine is made with natural ingredients and contains no added sugar. 

Get a taste of the authentic flavors of Malaysia using this traditional rice wine that has been produced using time-honored methods.

BC Rice Wine: Hakka Rice Wine

Hakka Rice Wine

Price: 28.50

Or you can consider this Hakka Rice Wine that hails from Eastern Malaysia from the same seller—BC Rice Wine.

The winemaking process remains fully handcrafted, using yeast and Red Koji Rice that lend the wine its pink hue.

With no added sugar or preservatives, the wine is mellow, sweet, and rich in flavor, making it a wonderful match for homemade confinement dishes or rich soups.

Its subtle notes also pair delightfully with seafood like clams and crab, as well as chicken, duck, and braised or stewed pork.

Gifting a new mummy with one of these confinement wines under $28.90 is not just about the wine itself, but the sentiment it represents. Let these thoughtful gifts serve as a reminder of the importance of self-care during this precious time.

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