4 Tips You Must Know Before Going On Your Year-End Vacation

Looking forward to that year-end vacation? So are we! With the end of the year upon us very soon, don’t wait till the last minute to prepare for your holiday. Plan ahead so you can enjoy every travel moment to the fullest. Here are a few tips you must know before going on that well-deserved vacation! 1. Download Singtel Dash and go wallet-free Before you depart, make sure you download and register for Singtel Dash, the all-in-one mobile wallet we


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Make easy cashless payment in Thailand with Singtel Dash

Singtel Dash is now accepted in Thailand, Singaporeans’ favourite holiday destination! Thanks to VIA, the new cross-border payment alliance, you can continue to make easy cashless payment in Thailand with your mobile phone! Forget queuing at money changers or fumbling with multiple currencies. Just tap or scan with your phone while you eat and shop away! Enjoy the convenience of paying in Singapore dollars at highly competitive exchange rates, and view both Thai Baht and Singapore dollars just before you