I’m back at this award-winning hair care centre for another customised treatment for my hair woes

Time flies and it’s been about 6 months since I’ve found the perfect customised hair treatment for my hair loss.

I underwent a 2-hour session after Topp Care Hair Solutions invited me to try out their customised hair treatment back then. But life got in the way, I was frequently overseas, and just couldn’t find the time to travel down for regular treatment sessions.

And I guess that’s why my scalp has been suffering for the past few months. With hair that turns oily just after a few hours out of the shower, I knew it was about time I did something about it. That’s why when Topp Care contacted me again to check in on my current scalp condition, I jumped on the opportunity with a huge “yes please”!

Curious to see my scalp condition, I headed down for my second session.

It’s good to be back in a familiar place.

If you don’t already know, Topp Care is located in Eastpoint Mall on the 3rd floor and just a 5-minute walk from Simei MRT Station. A very convenient location and easy to get to.

So here I am! I was greeted by the Customer Service Officer at the front desk and ushered into the consultation room after he confirmed my appointment time slot.

While waiting for my hair & scalp specialist, I was asked to fill in my particulars and a short self-assessment of my hair condition. Nothing too difficult here since I’ve done it before on my first visit.

And yes, before I get into the nitty-gritty details of how my second session went, allow me to give you a quick introduction to Topp Care.

About Topp Care Hair Solutions

Topp Care is a certified member of the British Herbal Medicine Association and the US Trichology Institute. They can assist with age-related greying, hair-thinning issues, uncontrolled sebum build-up, and more because they provide hair solutions for people of all ages.

Only quality plant-derived western botanicals and hair-friendly herbs are used to promote hair growth and enhance scalp health, and they are all administered by US Trichology Institute Certified Specialists in addition to well-trained and experienced therapists.

The hair & scalp specialist who attended to me was none other than Helen, the same specialist that I was assigned to on my first session.

Since it was my second session, we skipped the formalities and went straight into the scan. This scanning machine may be small but it sure is mighty—being able to zoom in up to 200x to spot all your scalp issues.

And lo and behold, here’s what it has found:

The reddish spots on my first scan done 6 months ago were still visible and the excessive sebum build-up on my scalp, as usual, was clogging up my hair follicles.

I wasn’t expecting my scalp condition to improve since I had made no extraordinary effort to deal with my hair issues, except for my daily hair wash and scalp tonic application routine. But I was in for a shock when Helen told me that I’d gotten some dandruff this time around.

Oh my, oh my. This is what months of neglect have gotten me into.

Having seen tremendous improvement from my previous session, I quickly asked Helen what she had in store for me this time since the last session I was treated to a Dead Sea Masque hair treatment.

Helen suggested that I take up the Detoxdren Treatment for this session since it’s the solution to scalps filled with oil and dandruff. Yeast is used in this thorough treatment to nourish hair and scalp, moisturise hair shafts, shield the scalp from damaging UV rays, and promote the creation of collagen.

Additionally, the horse chestnut extract included in this treatment stimulates blood flow, which is good for nourishing and thickening hair. I was told that after the session, my scalp’s sebum level would be more balanced and my hair follicles would be better strengthened.

Omg, give it to me, please.

The Actual Treatment Process

After the consultation session, I was whisked away to a private cubicle to begin my treatment.

My customised treatment started with a deep scalp cleanse spray followed by a mask application to my roots. Helen was very generous with the mask and you can see it for yourself in these shots I’ve taken:

If you’re wondering why my hair looks messy, that’s because Helen gave me a little massage to make sure that the mask was effectively coating every empty spot on my scalp and hair follicles before leaving me to rest for 20 minutes to let the mask do its work.

It was cooling on my scalp and I loved the minty fragrance that accompanied the product.

When my hair mask time was up, Helen guided me to the hair-washing area and told me that a therapist would be with me shortly to give me a thorough rinse.

The therapist who attended to me gave me a revitalising rinse using lukewarm water, which I was grateful for since I was feeling a little chilly. She also reminded me to use my fingertips and never my nails when washing my hair.

I was given a little massage during shampooing and while a conditioner was applied to the ends of my hair, the therapist shared with me that conditioners should only be applied to the hair and not the scalp. We don’t want any unnecessary build-up adding to my already oily scalp, don’t we?

Anyhow, I was wearing a surgical mask but the scent of the products used was so pleasant I asked the therapist if they sold it in-house. (P.S. Yes they do!)

Back at my cubicle, the therapist applied a moisturising hair spray before semi-blowdrying my hair. We’re approaching the second last step of the hair treatment but I was looking forward to the little massage that comes right after the ampoule application. Hehe.

Just in case you’re wondering, the ampoule helps to stimulate hair growth, boost the immunity of the scalp, and strengthen hair follicles to enhance the anchoring of hair.

To make sure that the ampoule worked its magic into my scalp, I was given the massage I was looking forward to. From my scalp down to my neck and shoulders, I was treated to a mini-kneading session to get my blood circulating.

Similar to the last session, I was then treated with the Hair Growth Laser that emits non-invasive lasers to awaken my hair follicles and speed up regeneration. It may look scary to some but there’s no pain involved; you will only feel a little comforting warmth.

And we’re done after about 20 minutes and it’s time for a post-treatment scan.

Post-Treatment Consultation

I reunited with Helen again in the consultation room after my hair treatment and she put the scalp scan machine to work again.

Having experienced the “before” and “after” shots of my scalp during the first session, I had high hopes for this second one. And guess what? It didn’t disappoint.

If you’re skeptical about how one treatment can solve your hair woes, I’m living proof that you shouldn’t be. But of course, as with most things, severe hair problems don’t get solved after one treatment session.

After this session, I’ve learned not to underestimate what months of neglect can do to my scalp, and will certainly step up my game with regular, proper hair and scalp care to prevent my condition from worsening again.

And if you’re dedicated to nipping the problem in the bud, I suggest you give Topp Care Hair Solutions a chance to impress you.

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You may have a different hair or scalp concern from mine but rest assured that the professionals at Topp Care will be with you every step of the way.

So stop hesitating and…

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Your scalp’s awaiting some TLC! 😉

Topp Care Hair Solutions

Address: 3 Simei Street 6, #03-24, Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 11 am – 9 pm; Weekend & PH: 10 am – 7 pm

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I’ve Finally Found The Perfect Customised Hair Treatment For My Hair Loss

You only live once, do whatever you want.

I heeded the above advice for my hair when I was young(er) so you can imagine all the crazy things I’ve done to my hair— colouring, perming, bleaching, and rebonding. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

It’s only when I started noticing significant hair loss that I stopped those hair “adventures”. And what I’m referring to is spotting a wider hairline and overall thinning over the years. The worst part was seeing an increasing bunch of hair strands on the floor when I cleaned my room at the end of the day. Certainly not a good feeling.

And that’s why when Topp Care Hair Solutions offered me to try out their customised hair treatment, I jumped on the opportunity with a million thanks.

Topp Care is located within Eastpoint Mall and it’s right beside Simei MRT station. I took the escalator up to the 3rd floor, walked a little, and spotted the outlet almost immediately.

About Topp Care Hair Solutions

Topp Care holds a US Trichology Institute certification and is a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association. Each step of every treatment uses products created from premium Western Botanicals (plant-derived) that can encourage hair growth and improve scalp health.

They offer solutions that cater to all ages, so whether it’s premature hair thinning or age-related greying concerns, Topp Care can help. All of their treatments are delivered by US Trichology Institute Certified Specialists as well as well-trained and experienced therapists, and they contain hair-friendly herbs including thyme, burdock, and aloe vera.

The Moment Of Revelation

The truth hurts, but to know the condition of my scalp, I had to brace myself for the 1-to-1 consultation. After I was asked to fill up a short questionnaire, my hair & scalp specialist, Helen, greeted me with a smile.

She explained that she would be using a scanning machine that can zoom in up to 200x to take a closer look at my scalp. I was nervous but also curious to see the condition of my scalp. As much as my hair looks okay on the outside, it isn’t that pretty on the inside.

While looking at the scans generated, Helen asked if I had sensitive skin. And yes, she was spot on. She then explained that the reddish spots noted on my scans are a clear indication, since our scalps are part of our skin as well. I had a scalp scan done years ago but don’t recall having these red-looking bumps so I immediately knew things had gotten quite bad.

Helen also explained that there was an excessive sebum build-up on my scalp, clogging up my hair follicles. The white-yellowish stuff surrounding it isn’t dandruff (to my surprise), but a combination of oil and the residues left from my hair dye.

And mind you, I’ve already cut down on hair colouring from once a month to once every 2 to 3 months due to the fear of aggravating my hair loss condition. Who would have thought that the residues left are causing problems too?

I was also enlightened that a healthy hair follicle should have 2 to 3 strands of hair growing out of it, but a close look at the scans revealed that many of my follicles only had a pathetic strand. And that’s why when that precious strand falls and no new ones grow from it, there goes my follicle — it goes into a resting phase and might never grow back. It’s upsetting but I guess that explains the increasing little bald spots on my head.

Do I feel bad? Yes, you bet. But thankfully, all is not too late.

Helen recommended that I do a Dead Sea Masque which can:

  • Control and optimise sebum production
  • Eliminate excess oil and dead skin from pores and follicles
  • Detoxify by soaking up impurities via thorough scalp cleansing

Just perfect for my oily scalp concern. Note: Depending on your scalp condition, a different treatment could be recommended.

My Actual Treatment Process

My customised treatment started with a deep scalp cleanse followed by a generous amount of Dead Sea Masque application to my roots. I was left to rest for 20 minutes and let the masque work its magic in softening the accumulated sebum and effectively removing oil clogs, so that my follicles can “breathe” again.

Before I knew it, time was up and I was ushered to the hair-washing area for a revitalising rinse.

The therapist who attended to me told me to always use my fingertips and never my nails when washing my hair, which I think is a good tip for all of us to note.

I loved how thorough she was, making sure to leave no masque residue during the process. I was also treated to a little massage during shampooing before a conditioner was applied to the ends of my hair to conclude the wash.

Back at my station, the staff applied a moisturising hair spray before blow-drying my hair and applying a hair ampoule directly to my roots.

This regenerating ampoule is able to:

  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Boost immunity of the scalp
  • Strengthen hair follicles to enhance anchoring of hair

And here comes my favourite part of the hair treatment—a soothing massage. The massage was not just for my scalp but for my neck and shoulders too. It felt really good and I secretly wished the massage would last forever.

But nope, onward to the next!

I was treated to a Hair Growth Laser that emits non-invasive lasers to awaken my hair follicles and speed up regeneration, which definitely helps with stimulating hair growth and reversing thinning. It was slightly warm, which I enjoyed. After 20 minutes, Helen came back to check on me before removing the laser and leading me back into the consultation room.

Post-Treatment Consultation

My head felt lighter and though I was wearing a surgical mask, I could smell the pleasant scent of all the products used on my tresses. Compared to the revelations during pre-treatment an hour ago, I was also a lot more confident to see the condition of my scalp post-treatment.

My scalp scan machine was back at work and voila! Take a look at my before and after shots:

If one session could get me results like that, how much improvement in my hair loss would I see in a few more sessions? Topp Care’s customised treatment works! Hands down.

I was also slightly amazed at how I woke up with a less greasy scalp the next morning and a lasting herbal fragrance from my treatment. Somehow or rather, my hair looks thicker and fuller too!

A Special Offer For You

You may have a different hair or scalp concern but there’s nothing Topp Care Hair Solutions can’t solve. If you want to see results for yourself, I suggest you book a customised hair treatment appointment with Topp Care at just $40 today.

You will get to enjoy a 75- to 90-minute reinvigorating session with Topp Care’s in-house specialists.

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Topp Care Hair Solutions

Address: 3 Simei Street 6, #03-24, Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 11 am – 9 pm; Weekend & PH: 10 am – 7 pm

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and promotions. You can also call them via 6645 3020 for booking or email [email protected] for more inquiries.

Enjoy your session!