Income versus Expenses: How Are We Faring?

Income Expenses

Singapore is not cheap, which makes you wonder, how do we thrive? To help us understand better, let’s talk about our cost of living. Housing In general, the property prices in Singapore are going down, thanks to the efforts of the government, including reducing the loan-to-value ratio and capping home loans up to 35 years. Moreover, you have several property options, although more than 75% of us live in HDB flats, of which the cheapest can be a 2-room home


Credit & Loan

Undestanding the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) in Singapore

TDSR Singapore

If you are planning to buy your first property, you will be made to get accustomed to a term call “TDSR” or Total Debt Servicing Ratio (besides SIBOR, LTV and the likes) introduced on 28 June 2013. Not surprisingly, 1 in 3 home buyers are not familiar with how the TDSR works. TDSR is one of the 8 rounds of property cooling measures enforced the the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) since the financial meltdown of sub-prime crisis in 2008. It has