New Japanese-Flavoured Kit Kats now available at Don Don Donki Singapore

You don’t need to travel to Japan for these special edition Kit Kats 

Drop by the confectionery section of Don Don Donki and discover Kit Kats in assorted flavours including Sake Kit Kat, Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat, Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat and more.

They are selling for $9.90 to $13.90 per packet.

You can find the nearest Don Don Donki in Singapore here.

Check them out below:

Sake Kit Kat

Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat

‘Everyday Luxury’ Kit Kat

Kit Kat with almond and cranberries toppings

Strawberry Cheescake Kit Kat

Bonus: Morinaga Hi-Chew at 50% OFF

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Hi-Chew Candies are now selling at almost half price at Cheers. Get 3 for just $2 (U.P $3.75) from 22 Aug – 4 Sep 17

The famous candy from Japan is now available for cheap

HiChew, one of Japan’s oldest, most beloved candies, is a tasty way to satisfy your sugary cravings. The individually wrapped pieces are easy to take with you on the go, or share them with colleagues and guests.

You can now get them at almost half the usual price from Cheers  convenience stores in Singapore. They are now available at 3-for-$2 (U.P $3.75) and it is a good time to get ’em in three different flavours.

Promotion is on from 22 Aug – 4 Sep 17.

Cheers 1

From the first bite to the final chew, the tangy and sweet Concord grape flavor simply bursts off the vine. Full and savory, you’ll eat ’em by the bunch. Flavor is our passion and grape is our masterpiece.


Soft, delicious, and juicy. Strawberries are always in season with Hi-Chew. Subtly tart with just the right amount of chewy sweetness, the very berriness taste buds crave.


Get ready for a rush of juicy flavor you can really sink your teeth into! The perfect blend of crisp and tart. Ripe and ready to go. The zesty Green Apple flavor is amazingly sweet with just enough sour to keep your mouth asking for more.


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