12 Domino’s Pizza Coupons You Can Use From Now Till 31 Aug 2022

Enjoy great savings with these Domino’s Pizza coupons

Domino’s Singapore has just released a set of 12 coupons that you can use on your next delivery or takeaway orders.  You can flash the coupons over the counter or simply enter the promo code found in each of the coupons.

Save over $100 with the coupons below:

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Domino's Pizza now has pasta on their menu, has Mac & Cheese and Spaghetti (Beef) from $6.90 each

New Pasta Range At Domino’s Pizza

Pasta lovers rejoice! We know how you feel when someone in your family decide to order pizza when you’re a noodle person. Domino’s Pizza has launched a new pasta range for takeaway and delivery from 25 June 2021. They have the Spaghetti (Beef) that comes with a tomato base and resembles the spaghetti bolognese that you always loved.

Not a fan of tomato? Try their cream-based Mac & Cheese (Chicken) that comes laden with chicken ham and loads of cheese.

They will be available for an introductory price of $6.90 (U.P. $11.90) for a limited time on www.dominos.com.sg

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Why are F&B firms like Domino’s Pizza and Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa turning to door-to-door sales amid COVID-19?

Domino’s Pizza

Although the pandemic has intensified the digitalisation movement for many firms, some have taken a more unexpected path to improve sales. Selected businesses have proceeded with a traditional marketing tactic of going door-to-door to sell residents discount coupons.

Companies are collaborating with Salesworks

Ohana restaurant founder, Ms Shereen Anwar, stated her company started just three weeks before the circuit breaker began. “We had to re-strategise. We cannot have dine-in customers and we had just opened,” she shared.

Therefore, they went ahead with Ohana certificates where, at a lower price, consumers can get 10 sets of foods for S$30 via delivery.

Domino’s Pizza is also collaborating with Salesworks to offer its S$30 vouchers door-to-door. The pizza chain used to distribute leaflets in busy public areas, but it was no longer appropriate because of safe distancing initiatives.

Another food business that has taken the conventional path is Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa.

Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa

Image Credits: Kkday

A company representative said it wanted to get involved in neighbourhood sales. That is their attempt to obtain a more significant share of local audiences and provide locally tailored promotions. This is due to the firm’s realisation that the brand’s fame has recently upped among locals.

Though all three food outlets said their earnings have benefited by such a traditional marketing technique, they did not convey any sales data.

“A lot of people of all races come to try our food. The reach is further,” Ms Shereen feedbacked.

Hearing from the marketers themselves

New graduates or students who are preparing to enter university are among those who help distribute these vouchers.

Ms Celeste Koh applied to be a marketer as her pet boarding company took a hit due to COVID-19. The 19-year-old shared that her commission reaches up to S$500 a week, specifically on days where there are better sales.

After graduating from the Institute of Technical Education, she originally intended to fly but had to postpone her plans because of the pandemic. Besides her part-time position with Salesworks, she also does other jobs, such as being a barista and warehouse worker.

Since August 2020, Ms Soh Xian, 21, has been working full-time for Salesworks because she didn’t want to land an office role after finishing her studies from Singapore Polytechnic.

For Mr Shan Anders, the sales job was something he decided to try since he had some free time before enrolling in college. He makes around S$300 a week.

Door-to-door marketing is challenging but rewarding
knocking on the door

Image Credits: iStock

“When I first started, I was like ‘Oh, people are that mean.’ After a while, I got used to it. I just look forward to the next positive customer,” said Mr Anders.

The 24-year-old went on to share an incident about a client who purchased some vouchers but requested him to pass those on to someone else who requires it more.

Ms Soh admitted she encountered unpleasant people sometimes, but there were still those who addressed her with courtesy. “Some of them are very nice,” she remarked. “They give us drinks and food that they cooked.”


Enjoy 50% OFF Pizzas from Domino’s with these coupon codes for use till 12 Jan 2020

Start The New Decade With 50% OFF Pizzas ?

From now till 12 January 2020, enjoy 50% off when you enter the following coupon codes on checkout:

  • E50L: 50% OFF Large Pizza (12″ 8 slices)
  • E50XL: 50% OFF Xtra Large Pizza (15″ 8 slices)



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Terms & Conditions

50% OFF Large/ Xtra Large pizza is valid till 12 Jan 2020 only • Valid for online & call centre order only • Not valid for over the counter order • Valid for delivery, takeaway or dine-in • Limited time offer or while stocks last • Operation Hours : 10.30am – 11.00pm • Limited delivery areas only • Illustrations shown are for representation only • Prices are subject to change without prior notice • If possible, kindly call us an hour in advance for orders amounting $100 and above for a timely and tasty delivery • Minimum order for delivery service is 2 Personal or 1 Regular pizza or with any purchase above $15 • Delivery services may be temporarily unavailable in selected areas due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances • Surcharge applies for Cheese Burst, Cheesy Crust, Classics, First Class Pizza and Cheese sauce upgrade • Surcharge may apply • Delivery charge applies


Domino’s Pizza is giving away FREE pizza on 5 Aug 2019 and no minimum purchase is required

To celebrate National Day in Singapore

Domino’s Pizza has announced that they will be giving away more than 540 personal pizzas across 10 outlets islandwide on 5 Aug 2019. No minimum purchase is required for the redemption.

By default, the Sambal Ikan Bilis Personal Pizza will be given away but you can request for the Classified Chicken Personal Pizzas, available in limited quantity.

Giveaway Details
The giveaway will start at 12.00pm on 5th August 2019 in 10 Domino’s Pizza outlets. Each store has a specified number of personal pizzas that it will give away, and redeemable pizzas will be available while stocks last.

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