Low-Maintenance Cat Breeds To Bring Home

Cats are wonderful companions, especially as pets kept indoors. They are generally low-maintenance and are not difficult to provide care for. There are many breeds of cats that go beyond the black or white cat you see in the television. In fact, the International Cat Association (TICA) officially recognizes 71 breeds as of 2018. That is a lot!

If you are keen to own a cat, you may choose from these adorable low-maintenance cat breeds.


What makes the Scottish Fold unique is its ears that fold forward and lie close to the head. This cat is a lovely addition to any home due to its adaptable personality and its short stature. They are unlikely to attempt any grand leaps or obstacle courses. It can get along with other cats, dogs, and children. Their thick coat is surprisingly easy to maintain as it requires brushing once or twice a week.

Global singing sensation Taylor Swift is a proud owner of Scottish Folds. Her Scottish Folds Meredith and Olivia were both named after fictional television characters.


The Sphynx is a hairless cat breed, which is often the first choice of cat owners with allergens. The Sphynx’s fur feels more like fine hair or peach fuzz. Not only will its owner get less allergy attacks, but it will not need to groom its fur regularly.

This is an independent cat that is happy to amuse itself while you are busy indoors or outside with your friends. You may invest in a cat tower as the Sphynx enjoy jumping around.


Known for its easygoing temperament and undemanding personality, the British Shorthair is popular amongst many cat lovers. It is affectionate, but not needy. It is the perfect companion for people who are looking for cats that stay away from trouble while they are not home. This cat’s short and dense coat is easy to maintain. A good weekly combing should be sufficient to remove the debris and to distribute the skin oils for a healthy coat.


The Maine Coon originally descended from ship’s cats. It is the largest domesticated cat breed. It is known for its chill, almost dog-like personality. They love the outdoors and can even be walked on a leash. Despite its long coats and large stature, it only requires minimal grooming. This is because its fur is silkier. You just need to comb it once a week and you are good to go!

Although it enjoys human interactions, it can easily entertain itself and is not considered as clingy. Let it freely play on its own.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Always remember that although these cat breeds are seemingly simple to take care of, you are still responsible for your cats. Love and treat them properly.

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