Rich Dad Education™: Free BRICK BUY BRICK™ Investment Workshop


Brick Buy Brick™ is a 2-hour workshop that puts the lessons of Rich Dad Poor Dad™ into action … channel your desire for wealth into actual money-making investment opportunities… help you take that final step from saying “I can” to saying “I am”… give you the courage to succeed… and the know-how to achieve it!

The Brick Buy Brick™ Program educates you to become smarter about money and investing, a clear path to the next level through hands-on, detailed strategies and techniques proven effective in any market condition.

The Brick Buy Brick™ Program was developed from the ground up to help you advance your financial goals through the greatest wealth creation tool of all time – property investing. With detailed, step-by-step action plans, we help you identify the right opportunities and educate you on how to capitalise on them.

For those who attend, you are entitled to a free gift “Brick Buy Brick™ – An Overview of Property Investment”

Brick buy brick gift

Register your interest at http://singapore.richdad-workshops.com/ from 12 – 14 March 2015.


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