Li Chun 2020: The Most Auspicious Time To Deposit Your Money On Li Chun Day (4 Feb 2020)

Lichun traditionally signifies the beginning of spring in East Asian cultures. Chinese New Year is celebrated around this time. Farmers often celebrate the beginning of Lichun with special village events, worship and offerings to the gods and ceremonies for a blissful and prosperous new year. In China, people eat chūnbǐng (春餅) on this day.

In Singapore, there is a practice of depositing money into bank accounts on Lichun which many believe will bring them good fortune.

This year, Li Chun falls on February 4, 2020. Based on your Chinese Zodiac sign, follow the most auspicious time to deposit your money to increase your luck cycle.

Here are the tables produced by Feng Shui masters in Singapore:


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