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Health Benefits of Chocolates

Here at Money Digest, we shared a variety of deals on chocolate. Its goodness does not stop there! Did you know that the history of chocolate dates back to 2000BC? At the time, Mayans were the first to discover cacao fruit. They made chocolate out of it and drank it as a bitter fermented beverage mixed with spices of wine. It was readily available to all Mayan households. To this day, chocolate is enjoyed as a dessert and a beverage



Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bars Now Available At FairPrice Finest

Try The New Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bars If round spherical Ferrero Rocher chocolate is your favourite candy, you will look forward to the new Ferrero Rocher Original bar that comes with the same creaming filling with crunchy hazelnut pieces — but in rectangular bar shape. The chocolate bar version of the treat means you can easily put it into your bag and have it on the go without crushing it. There are two flavours available at FairPrice Finest supermarkets which


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FairPrice has Merci Chocolates at 50% off, can be gifted to two relatives for the price of one

FairPrice is back this week with their Shiok Savings of 50% or more! From now till 12 Dec, get the most bang for your buck at selected FairPrice supermarkets. Looking for an affordable Secret Santa gift that will never go wrong, or looking a gift for your relatives this Christmas? Opt for the finest selection of assorted European chocolates, Merci! Now at 50% off at 2 boxes for $16.50 (U.P $33), it comes with a whopping 7 varieties of chocolate


New limited edition Kinder Bueno Coconut We are going coconuts over the new Kinder Bueno. Raise your hands if you are fellow coconut lovers! There is a new coconut-flavoured Kinder Bueno chocolate bar making its way to local supermarkets. Drop by the confectionery area of FairPrice supermarkets and you will find the Kinder Bueno Coconut Chocolate Bars on sale for $1.25 till 14 July 2021. (U.P. $2.05 each) Taste test: You will see coconut flakes dusted over the white chocolate-coated wafer


Chocolate spread filled with crispy M&M's chocolate pieces now available at FairPrice

Your favourite childhood candy now available as a spread Step aside Nutella, the M&M’s Chocolate Spread will be the perfect substitute to be used on your toast. FairPrice has brought in the new M&M’s Chocolate Spread so you can take your plain ol’ toast to the next level by sandwiching a generous layer of the crispy M&M’s spread between two slices of sweet bread. Grab a bottle for $6.45 at FairPrice for a limited time. According to online review, expect to