TaiGai (台盖), popular for its Fruity Cheese Teas is offering $4 for all 700ml Milky Kiss and Fruit Tea drinks, including the No.1 selling Pulpy Strawberry Kiss. Limited from 18-22 Feb 2019.

Opened last year at Serangoon NEX, TaiGai has been winning the hearts of cheese tea fans quietly in the heartland. Founded in Shenzhen in 2015, the brand is known for its luscious cheese which it affectionately names ‘MILKY KISS’; and is the FIRST cheese tea player to blend real fruits into their cheese.

Their best-selling Pulpy Strawberry Kiss (U.P.$6.80) is prepared using almost half a cup of fresh strawberries blended into the tea and finished off with their house-blend of real strawberry cheese. Indulge in Pineapple Cheese with the Pulpy Pineapple Kiss (U.P. $5.90) or the refreshing Kiwi Nata De Coco (U.P. $5.90) in the fresh fruit burst tea range. There is also the Oreo Milky Kiss range – think Oreo bits dunked in cheese atop Sun Moon Lake black tea.

Enjoy all these and more under the range of Milky Kiss and Fresh Fruit Burst series at $4 during its limited 5-day promotion from 18-22 February, 12pm – 6pm only.

Customers will also get a set of 4 x $1 off vouchers with every single purchase during this period.

Address: NEX Serangoon #B2-34, Singapore 556083

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