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WhizComms Home Broadband Turns 1, and Customers are in for A Treat! ONLY $37/month for 1Gbps Home Fibre Broadband service with more than $300 worth of freebies!

Over the past year, WhizComms achieved these significant milestones:

  • WhizComms managed to keep its price of 1Gbps home fibre broadband plans the lowest in the market to-date
  • 1st in Singapore to offer no-frills home broadband service plans, with no additional perks or freebies unless customers need them. All WhizComms customers pay only for what they need.
  • 1st in Singapore to offer Wi-Fi clinic service to its subscribers, where customers are advised on tips to maximize their Wi-Fi coverage in their homes based on site-surveys and individual consultations by WhizComms field engineers.
  • 1st in Singapore to package home broadband service with smart home ready solutions like a free upgrade to Mesh Wi-Fi ready routers, free IP cameras and more (check out the below for more information)

Exactly 1 year ago, WhizComms introduced its lowest-priced 1Gbps home broadband service to Singapore. With 1 year of experience, WhizComms knows exactly what most customers are looking for – fast and reliable broadband, as a support for their smart home concepts!

This November, customers are in for a treat as WhizComms offers the most affordable Mesh Wi-Fi ready plan in the market. From only $37/month, all new subscribers will receive 1Gbps home fibre broadband with freebies worth more than $300 in total! Check out the table below for more details.

promo table

Check out WhizComms.com.sg for more information, and for registration of their November promotion!  This promotion is only valid for registrations made by 20 November 2017.

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