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Tips On Balancing 2 Jobs While Maintaining Sanity

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In Singapore, it is not uncommon to hold two or more jobs. You may quickly browse thru your social media profiles to observe how some people seem to do it all. What you do not see behind the lenses is its challenging nature. It is difficult to balance several fulfilling commitments while maintaining your sanity!

On that note, here are some sensible tips that may help:


Whatever career path you may take, your mindset echoes the way you act and feel. Start by accepting that you will acquire multiple jobs to cover your needs. Realize that the compact schedule will be a norm for you for the next couple of months or years.


Foresee how the upcoming weeks will pan out by having an organized planner. List down the priorities, tasks, or assignments that you need to accomplish next week. Distribute the week’s load as evenly as possible. Keep track of important appointments as well! Then, make smart decisions about social gatherings based on your schedule.

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Are you coughing intensely during your second shift? A healthy well-being is essential to juggle multiple jobs in a day. Self-care boils down to the basic needs: quality sleep and balanced diet. Combining these two with regular exercise and social support will help you reach your goal without experiencing burnout.


Transparency is a precautionary factor to avoid “conflict of interest” and other issues. If you are thinking of mainting two or more position for a long period of time, keep the communication lines open. Your primary employer must be aware that you are committing yourself to a second job.


Many people choose to block a day off during the week to replenish their strength. While we may not have the luxury of blocking an entire day, we can settle for a break of several hours. Take your mind on a pleasant ride by doing the activities that surround your passion/s.


Focus on the task at hand! Completely surrendering yourself to one tasks enables you to accomplish it faster. Work at a conducive space that eliminates distractions, ignites relaxing music, and inspires you to think.

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Let us face it! You are not exhausting your physical and mental efforts for nothing. You are accepting these multiple jobs with an end goal in mind. Hold that goal dear to your heart and never lose sight of it.

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