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The last trip to Vietnam in April, despite precautions not to greedily eat street food (and I didn’t), I still ended up having travellers’ diarrhoea, which gave me food poisoning symptoms – diarrhoea and vomiting – over a couple of days. You can imagine how much I enjoyed my trip. Earlier in January when I was skiing in Japan, I fell down and twisted my knee on a steep slope. This resulted in multiple visits to the doctor, having to


Receive An Exclusive Allianz Assist Card Worth S$28 EZ-link Value with a Purchase of Annual Travel Insurance Plan

Frequent travellers rejoice! In an industry first, Allianz Global Assistance is launching an EXCLUSIVE Allianz Assist Card that comes with S$28 worth of EZ-Link value stored inside. Simply purchase an annual travel plan from Allianz to qualify for this attractive promotion. *Learn more about terms and conditions Besides getting on-the-go travel companion, purchasing annual travel insurance may save your money and hassles compared to buying a single trip plan. More details below: Personalized Allianz Assist Card Upon purchasing an annual



Considerations On Travel Insurance Singapore When Traveling Internationally

You’re planning to travel to Singapore next month. Since most of your friends recommended you to visit this country, you obliged. You think that traveling can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. And because of the stress you’re getting from home and work, you’re looking forward to this trip as your reward to yourself. After all, everyone needs to have a break once in a while, right? However, your expectations of stress-free and convenient travel can become the


Travelling To Bali? Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

Bali is known as the Island of The Gods. It exudes a unique cultural appeal, excites holiday-goers with its natural beaches and tantalizes foodies with its wide-range of culinary cuisines. It is little wonder that Bali is an extremely popular beach destination in South-East Asia. It would not be surprising if some of you have already booked a trip there for the upcoming summer holidays. Before departing for your holidays, don’t forget to purchase your travel insurance policy. Do ensure


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Make Instant Travel Insurance Claims at Changi Airport with HyfeAssure

Consumers typically grapple with various issues when trying to file travel claims with travel insurance providers. For instance, consumers might lack the knowledge with regards to the administrative process of filing claims. This could be due to a lack of provision of clear instructions from the travel insurance provider. It is just as likely that the consumer is not bothered to find out more about the claim process until the actual need arises. Even if the consumer successfully files a