Surefire Ways To Save Money As A Student In 2019

As a student, keeping a budget may sound intimidating or boring. However, you must understand that having a budget is essential to enjoying your academic life. Saving extra cash while sticking to your budget will help you gain control over your finances, especially in Poly or Uni. May the following tips aid in keeping your wallet afloat! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR STUDENT ID Not many of us take pride in our student identification cards (ID). Do not get me started


Personal Finance

4 Essential Money Questions Poly And Uni Students Shall Ask

Entering Polytechnic or going straight to University can be exhilarating! Some even move to different countries and make significant decisions by themselves. Managing your personal finances at this age can be challenging but it is always a good idea to start early. Because of the hefty fees and other expenses parallel to Polytechnics and Universities, it is important to consider these aspects of your finances… 1. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING WHAT? Poly and Uni students can collect money from


Career and Enterprising

Student’s Guide To Part-Time Job Hunting In Singapore

In Singapore, it is ordinary for students to gravitate toward part-time jobs. These part-time jobs either add a boost to their travel fund or to their school allowance. Whatever the reason may be, job hunting in the modern age has definitely changed! That said, here are some places you have to browse when job hunting: 1. NEWSPAPER CLASSIFIEDS Go back to the tried and tested strategy of grabbing the latest newspaper publication right from your doorstep. In particular, the leading


Lifestyle & Hobbies

Extremely Affordable Tips To Improve Your Study Space

Let these budget-friendly tips enhance your learning area as you “hit the books”… 1. CREATE YOUR STUDY HAVEN Choosing the right place to study is important because it heavily influences your learning process. Use your study space solely for studying, making projects, and doing home works so that your brain can associate the space to automatic “work mode”. After which, pick a light-colored table that has enough space for all your school supplies. Situate this table at a silent place


Marriage & Family

4 Ways To Save Big On School Supplies

I can still remember the time when my mother distributed school supplies to me and my other siblings. It was a rush that I get every time I fill my bag with new stationery items. But, behind that joyful rush is a mother that just spent her hard-earned cash on supplies! This is why it is important to save as much as you can while shopping. Start by setting aside extra cash each week before the school starts. Then, follow