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How To Survive Awkward Holiday Gatherings

This is the season when party invitations pour in. From family gatherings to company celebrations, the holiday cheer assails you from every angle. Not everyone holds the cheerful tune in the same manner. If you have social anxiety or have a tendency to be awkward during parties, then you are not alone. Many people experience “holiday anxiety”. Here are some ways to deal with it… #1: EMBRACE THE SMALL TALK Whether you like it or not, small talk is the


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Efficient Ways To Socialize On A Budget

You do not have to miss every opportunity to socialize because of your tight budget! Here are some tricks that you may follow to keep both your finances and friends happy: #1: EMPLOY THE HONESTY SYSTEM In Philosophy, the “honesty system” refers to endeavours ran based on trust and honor. Rules are typically applied to stay honest. Establish a similar system by sorting out your financial circumstance with the people who matter to you. Opt for the economically sound choices