Singapore Airlines launches huge sale to over 100 destinations worldwide

Explore the world with Singapore Airlines and SilkAir

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Sale period: From now to 31 March 2019

Fares are subjected to currency fluctuation and seat availability. For booking and full terms and conditions, please click on the respective fares.

Fares to West Asia

Destination Economy Class Premium Economy Class Business Class
Chennai SGD448 - SGD2258
Bengaluru SGD508 - SGD2228
Kolkata SGD508 - SGD2308
Delhi SGD538 SGD1258 SGD2458
Colombo SGD548 - SGD2088
Ahmedabad SGD548 - SGD2408
Mumbai SGD548 SGD1298 SGD2508
Dhaka SGD558 - SGD2008
Male (Maldives) SGD578 - SGD1978
Dubai SGD618 SGD1548 SGD3128
Coimbatore SGD488 - SGD2558
Kohchi SGD418 - SGD2498
Thiruvananthapuram SGD508 - SGD2558
Hyderabad SGD508 - SGD2638
Visakhapatnam SGD478 - SGD2368
Kathmandu SGD688 - SGD2468

Fares to Southeast Asia

Destination Economy Class Business Class
Kuala Lumpur SGD168 SGD758
Jakarta SGD248 SGD1108
Bangkok SGD258 SGD1078
Surabaya SGD248 SGD1168
Yangon SGD268 SGD1438
Manila SGD318 SGD1768
Hanoi SGD318 SGD1438
Ho Chi Minh City SGD258 SGD1058
Denpasar (Bali) SGD298 SGD1118
Balikpapan SGD478 SGD2048
Manado SGD518 SGD2088
Lombok SGD378 SGD1698
Makassar SGD368 SGD1768
Semarang SGD208 SGD1688
Yogyakarta SGD258 SGD1718
Bandung SGD228 SGD1718
Medan SGD198 SGD1348
Kota Kinabalu SGD238 SGD1138
Penang SGD168 SGD1058
Da Nang SGD428 SGD2108
Siem Reap SGD328 SGD1618
Phnom Penh SGD308 SGD1848
Mandalay City SGD378 SGD2668
Cebu SGD258 SGD1828
Davao SGD348 SGD1978
Chiang Mai SGD368 SGD1458
Phuket SGD188 SGD1308
Koh Samui SGD428 SGD1458
Vientiane SGD348 SGD1448
Luang Prabang SGD378 SGD1478

Fares to China, Hong Kong SAR and Taipei

Destination Economy Class Premium Economy Class Business Class
Hong Kong SAR SGD308 SGD998 SGD1888
Guangzhou SGD338 - SGD1818
Taipei SGD518 - SGD2218
Beijing SGD538 SGD1638 SGD3318
Shanghai SGD538 SGD1588 SGD3218
Xiamen SGD498 - SGD2658
Kunming SGD568 - SGD2578
Changsha SGD578 - SGD2578
Chengdu SGD568 - SGD2418
Chong Qing SGD498 - SGD2768
Wuhan SGD578 - SGD2658
Shenzhen SGD348 - SGD2498
Fuzhou SGD418 - SGD2518

Fares to Japan and Korea

Destination Early Bird Fares Premium Economy Class Business Class
Tokyo SGD728 SGD1928 SGD3328
Nagoya SGD698 - SGD3298
Fukuoka SGD738 - SGD3308
Osaka SGD748 - SGD3728
Seoul SGD738 SGD1658 SGD2618
Hiroshima SGD608 - SGD2718

Fares to Australia

Destination Economy Class Premium Economy Class Business Class
Darwin SGD548 - SGD3398
Perth SGD548 - SGD2778
Brisbane SGD608 SGD1668 SGD4008
Canberra SGD668 SGD1848 SGD3798
Melbourne SGD688 SGD1818 SGD4228
Cairns SGD708 - SGD4138
Sydney SGD708 SGD1838 SGD4268
Adelaide SGD848 - SGD4058

Fares to New Zealand

Destination Economy Class Premium Economy Class Business Class
Wellington SGD988 - SGD5408
Auckland SGD1238 SGD2708 SGD5608
Christchurch SGD1288 - SGD5408

Fares to Europe

Destination Economy Class Premium Economy Class Business Class
Istanbul SGD928 - SGD4718
Stockholm SGD1208 SGD2518 SGD5628
Barcelona SGD1178 SGD2538 SGD5858
Manchester SGD1178 SGD3008 SGD5818
Moscow SGD1168 SGD2308 SGD5648
Milan SGD1178 SGD2578 SGD5748
Zurich SGD1158 SGD2658 SGD5898
Rome SGD1198 SGD2508 SGD5718
Amsterdam SGD1258 SGD2908 SGD5988
Copenhagen SGD1228 SGD2608 SGD5988
Düsseldorf SGD1208 SGD2708 SGD5948
Paris SGD1228 SGD2458 SGD5748
Munich SGD1228 SGD2728 SGD5968
Frankfurt SGD1248 SGD2748 SGD5988
London SGD1198 SGD3078 SGD6178

Fares to USA

Destination Economy Class Premium Economy Class Business Class
Houston SGD1328 SGD2868 SGD6488
Los Angeles SGD1368 SGD1498 SGD6488
San Francisco SGD1338 SGD1498 SGD7488
New York SGD1498 SGD1768 SGD7058
Seattle SGD988 SGD1498 SGD6138

Fares to South Africa

Destination Economy Class Premium Economy Class Business Class
Johannesburg SGD1208 SGD2608 SGD6208
Cape Town SGD1238 SGD2658 SGD6408

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