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iSwitch: Stand A Chance To Win 1 Year Free Electricity For Your Household While Paying Less For Your Electricity Bill When You Switch To iSwitch.

With the first phase of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) rolled-out on 1st November, households with postal codes that begin from 58 – 78 now have the opportunity to switch electricity providers. This means that you can now choose plans from electricity retailers like iSwitch instead of getting your power supply from SP Group alone, very much like choosing a mobile phone plan. However, with the many retailers that debuted with the launch of OEM, it may be very confusing



Axi Trader Review: Pros Vs Cons

Typically, dealing with forex trading can be a bit disturbing. Without proper information at hand, making a sound financial decision about it can also be difficult. Thus, if you’re planning to invest in a forex exchange business like AxiTrader, you can get some ideas about it from an online review before you get started. Remember, knowing all the information and insights beforehand can prevent you from committing any financial mistake. So, read on this article to learn more about the


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4 Things You Shouldn’t Put In Your Wallet

Whether you are keeping your loose cash or EZ-link card, there are certain items that you want or need to carry in your wallet on a daily basis. This article will not dwell on that. Instead, it is focusing on the significant items that you need to leave out. #1: RECEIPTS Do not deny it! I am sure that you are guilty of keeping some receipts inside your wallet. Keeping receipts is valid as long as you are planning to


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Will You Buy The World’s First Foldable Phone?

It came as a surprise to many when a barely known tech company introduced the world’s first foldable phone. The future of smartphone is upon us as Royole Corporation launched FlexPai in Beijing. Royale Corporation is a relatively new company, which was founded by Stanford engineering graduates in 2012. It will go down in history as the company who conquered the “foldable phone” race ahead from Samsung and Huawei. For the digital savvy Singaporeans who are interested in acquiring their



How much does tuition cost in Singapore?

Tuition (both private as well as the centers) are highly in demand among parents in Singapore compared to tuitions in the neighboring states as found by a survey conducted by an international news agency where they have found that more than three-quarter of the parents do invest on such academic agencies despite the fact that they cannot expect the best grades by just providing them a tutor. It was also that in Singapore, parents prefer to send their kids for