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Genius Ways To Hide Your Cash In Case Of Emergencies

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No matter how safe Singapore can be, unforeseen events in the form of natural catastrophes, bad power outage, credit/debit card decline, or even theft can happen. Whether you call it secret stash or emergency fund, keeping a substantial amount of cash in your home is a must to handle the demands of these unforeseen events.

As people get clever in time, the old “putting it under your mattress” trick does not work anymore! Instead, consider these Genius Ways To Hide Your Cash At Home:


If you have a knack for the tools, consider an intensive Do-It-Yourself project of faking fixtures around your house. You can install a drain pipe or a power outlet in your room that doubles as a secret safe. Worry not if you are not too good of a craftsman as some online shops sell installation-ready disguised safes.

For example, you may purchase the Hidden Wall Safe that acts as a non-functioning outlet with a hidden compartment to keep your valuables such as cash, cards, and jewelry.


Keeping your money scattered in the most unexpected places is a good theft-proof strategy. Contemplate on the best places to hide your money where no one else would look. If you are an avid fan of books, pick a “random” book in your cabinet and cut a space in the middle where you can store your cash. Then, put it back where it belongs.

Here are other easy tricks you may follow:

a. Push the lint brush/roller’s handle up and put your cash inside.
b. Stuff your money inside a jar of cotton balls.
c. Put your money (rolled with a rubber band around it) inside an empty medicine or vitamins bottle and seal it well.


If you have a relatively large aquarium at your house, consider putting rolled up cash inside a watertight solid-colored jar inside it. Keep it hidden among the seaweeds, rocks, ruins, and corals so that it is as concealed as much as possible.

Image Credits: (CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (CC0 Public Domain)

Alternatively, you may put your watertight jar of money inside the toilet tank.

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