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Flush Your Financial Worries With Stoicism

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“We suffer not from the events in our lives, but from our judgement about them.”

As I dealt with high levels of stress these past few weeks, I turned to Philosophy for guidance. A school of thought that transformed my mindset by 360 degrees is Stoicism. Stoicism highlights the division between what is happening to the world and how we emotionally respond to it. It is founded by Zeno, a wealthy merchant who had lost it all. In his despair, he turned to Philosophy for strength.

Stoicism helps us deal with our lives through virtues such as logic, temperance, justice, and courage. It encourages its followers to submit to the hardships or good fortune without complaints. Instead, you must understand the world and the people around you in a fair manner.

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Apply this influential way of thinking to your life by following these tips:


Whether you dwell on not having enough money to purchase a car or not having enough money to travel, many people associate money with scarcity. It is easier to complain about not having sufficient funds than engaging in random acts of generosity. You see, having a negative mindset about money can hinder the flow of abundance.

I am not saying that you should give out everything you own! There are other ways to extend your generosity. You can share your expertise or your time to someone in need.


Stoics hold a financial mindset that enables them to be respectful, but emotionally detached from money. This mindset allows them to make logical decisions in various area of life.

For them, there is no shame in leading a modest life. However, there is nothing noble about lacking money neither. They perceive money with a relative indifference whereby it has no effect on their self-worth or happiness.


Stoicism wants us to realize that money can never solve all of our problems. It can only solve problems within the financial realm. How about the pursuit for happiness? External things such as money, fame, and success can never guarantee happiness.

There is nothing wrong with letting these external things be part of your comfortable life. However, the endless pursuit of these external things can only do damage than good. For stoics, happiness comes from having a rational mental state.

Interested in knowing more about the Philosophy of Stoicism? Watch the short video below.

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